Electronic Shelf Label: E-paper Display vs. LCD

Electronic Shelf Label: E-paper Display vs. LCD

In retail stores, electronic shelf labels are becoming prevalent. ESLs let stores easily update product prices, stock levels, and other info digitally. It’s done remotely from a main control system instead of having to print and swap out paper labels by hand. There are two basic types of ESLs – ones using e-paper displays and LCD ESLs. E-paper display ESLs use electronic ink technology to show info and run on batteries, while LCD electronic shelf label systems have liquid crystal display screens and need outside power.

How E-paper and LCD ESLs Work

E-paper ESLs work using electronic ink technology. Tiny microcapsules inside contain either negatively charged or positively charged particles suspended in a liquid. During updates, an electric field is applied, and the particles either rise or sink, displaying certain colors. This achieves the desired image. Without power, the image stays due to mechanical color change within each capsule. This allows e-paper displays to use little energy and stay visible indoors or outdoors.

LCD ESLs use liquid crystal display technology. Two glass panels arrange liquid crystal molecules. The panels contain electrodes that apply electric currents. During operation, the currents control molecular orientation to allow light through in various intensities. Behind the crystal layer lies a backlighting unit. Together, these projects color images onto the label.

E-paper and LCD ESLs: The Comparison

Electronic shelf label solutions based on E-paper display and LCD screens have their own advantages and limitations. The following aspects highlight their key differences:

  • Technology

As described above, E-paper ESLs use electronic ink technology powered by batteries, while LCD ESLs use liquid crystal displays requiring external power. This fundamental difference impacts other factors such as size, energy use, and capabilities.

  • Size

E-paper electronic shelf label solutions available in the market are smaller in size owing to their battery operation, typically ranging from 2-6 inches. LCD ESLs can be bigger as they are externally powered and available in sizes from 4 inches up to 15 inches or larger.

  • Display Options

E-paper ESLs only support static displays of limited colors, typically white and black, whereas LCD ESLs enable full-color graphics and animations. This allows LCD models to showcase products and marketing messages in a more vivid and visually appealing manner.

  • Energy Consumption

E-paper ESLs consume very little power as they only draw power during content updates, while LCD screens constantly use power whenever switched on. For locations where external power is inconvenient, e-paper electronic shelf label models may be preferable to minimize ongoing energy costs.

  • Readability

Both are generally very clear to read. E-paper reflects ambient light better for readability in bright surroundings. LCD screens can sacrifice visibility at extreme viewing angles depending on location and purpose.

Comparison Highlights

Specification E-paper Display ESLs LCD ESLs
Technology Electronic ink/Passive matrix Liquid crystal displays/Active matrix
Size Generally smaller (<6 inches) Can be larger (6-15 inches)
Display Black and white/Two color Full color
Power Consumption Very low Moderate to high
Readability Excellent outdoor readability Good, but visibility reduces at extreme angles

Products Highlight: Nebular Pro and Lumina Aqua by Hanshow

Hanshow is a global provider of digital retail solutions, helping retailers reduce costs and increase sales. At the heart of Hanshow’s digital retail solutions are digital price tags that deliver dramatic efficiency gains for retailers. The brand pioneers innovation through products like the Nebular Pro and Lumina Aqua ESLs.

Nebular Pro

The Nebular Pro series is an upgraded E-paper electronic shelf label solution that offers enhanced performance compared to previous models. The top features of this Hanshow ESL include:

  • Long Battery Life: A battery life of up to 15 years means fewer replacements are needed.
  • Color Display: Multiple color options allow for more creative signage and promotions.
  • Slim Design: The ultra-slim 7.8mm design saves space without compromising durability.
  • Protection: IP68 protection provides maximum resistance to dust and water for reliability in demanding retail environments.
  • Compatibility: Remains compatible with existing Nebular accessories for a seamless transition.

Lumina Aqua

The Lumina Aqua is available as one-sided or double-sided LCD digital shelf label models, allowing retailers versatile options to suit their needs. As one of Hanshow’s premium LCD ESL offerings, it boasts the following key characteristics:

  • Dynamic Display: The full-color LCD screen enables vivid product images and engaging marketing content.
  • Durability: IPS screen with 3H hardness protects against abrasion and scratches for a long lifespan.
  • Connectivity: Integrated Wi-Fi allows control and updates over a store’s wireless network.
  • Customization: Beautiful predefined or custom templates are a joy to implement.

Get Electronic Shelf Labels from Hanshow

While E-paper ESLs remain popular for their simple functionality and low power use, LCD ESLs are gaining traction for their dynamic color display abilities. Both have merits depending on store and product needs. Retailers can rely on Hanshow’s expertise and innovative products like Nebular Pro and Lumina Aqua LCD electronic shelf label solutions to enjoy the benefits of digitized labeling and manage pricing across stores efficiently. With reliable solutions, brands can focus on enhancing customer experiences and optimizing retail operations. Visit Hanshow’s website to explore its full range of digital retail solutions.

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