Electrocoin extends its crypto payments service, introduces invoice payments

Electrocoin crypto payments service

Electrocoin, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Croatia, introduced cryptocurrency invoice payments for its customers in the EU.

With the continued growth and development of the crypto industry, Electrocoin takes another leap in the field of crypto payments. Users of the platform Electrocoin Trade can now use cryptocurrencies to settle any invoice that can be paid by bank transfer within the EU/SEPA zone. That being said, utility bills such as electricity, water, or internet, or even personal expenses i.e. car, boat, or real estate invoices, can be paid with cryptocurrencies – as long as the payment recipient has a bank account number. 

Crypto invoice payments reveal a new layer of cryptocurrency usability in everyday life. One of the other layers is the crypto payment processor, PayCek, that was developed and launched in 2018. PayCek enables cryptocurrency payments at a range of merchants throughout Croatia and the European Union. That being said, Electrocoin makes it possible to use cryptocurrencies to pay for almost anything in a regulated and trusted environment. With a mission of reinventing the European payment landscape through crypto payments, Electrocoin is continuously eyeing new key partners who share the same goals.

Electrocoin crypto payments service

Electrocoin started out as a cryptocurrency exchange in 2014, but has since evolved to become a company with a range of crypto-related services now counting over 250,000 successful transactions for their users. Recently, the company also introduced a brand new cryptocurrency exchange platform called Electrocoin Trade. A new cryptocurrency exchange platform provides services for natural and legal clients in the EU, further establishing Electrocoin as a great competitor to other top-tier European cryptocurrency companies.

The comprehensive list of crypto services being offered by Electrocoin is continuously growing. If you’re from the EU, start settling your invoices with cryptocurrencies through the Electrocoin Trade platform right now!

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