Electric Vehicle Motor Controller: Structure And Function

Electric vehicles work a little differently compared to more traditional vehicles. In addition to the standard equipment that makes the vehicles run, the electric vehicle controller plays a significant part in its efficacy. This part sits between the battery of the vehicle and the motor and acts as a centerpiece between these two elements. Understanding what an electric motor controller is can help you see the importance of the part while also giving you a better view of how it can benefit vehicles in various applications.

Basic Structure Of Electric Vehicle Motor Controller

Let’s start with the structure of the electric vehicle controller, also known as an EV controller. On the outside, there is a casing that helps to protect the hardware that fits inside the controller. The shell is usually made from a metal material that improves its protection level. Sometimes, the controller is connected as part of a circuit, but many companies prefer a separate enclosure for this part.

On the inside, there are transformers that handle both high and low voltages. The electronic control components help to adjust the amount of power delivered to the motor when you accelerate. There is also a converter inside the controller, which takes the DC power from the battery and turns it into AC power – which is then used by the motor to ensure the vehicles can move.

Functions Of Electric Vehicle Controller

There are numerous functions that an electric vehicle controller produces to make the vehicle run smoothly and effectively. The controller features communication modules that are connected to the internal network within the vehicle. This system is referred to as the CAN network. When you depress the accelerator pedal, for example, it communicates through the network and advises the electric vehicle controller that the vehicle needs to start moving.

Energy conversion is also a critical function of an electric vehicle controller. The battery in the vehicle provides a DC power output, but the motor requires a three-phase AC input. This is where the energy conversion function of the controller comes in.

Safety protection functions help to prevent too much power from being sent to the motor, which can cause problems. Additionally, the electric vehicle controller also comes with a torque actuation and discharge function. These functions further contribute to the role that the controller plays in an electric vehicle.

While each function operates on its own, the combined effects help ensure sufficient power is sent to the motor to make the vehicle move. The controller helps to ensure speed is controlled

accurately based on how far you push the pedal. When you turn the vehicle off, the controller discharges – releases its power – to ensure it doesn’t continue to drain the battery.

GTAKE As A Top Rated Supplier Of Motor Controllers

There are many manufacturers that specialize in the manufacturing of electric motor controllers. This makes it difficult to determine which supplier is the right choice for your manufacturing process. Whether working on electric vehicles, air pumps, steering oil pumps, or any other application where a quality EV controller is needed, it’s crucial to choose a manufacturer with experience and a good track record.

GTAKE offers a comprehensive line of electric vehicle controller options, GTAKE says “N+N”(drive+controller) customized solutions. The wide selection of controllers at GTAKE provides support for a diverse range of projects, including the production of high-speed electric motorcycles, trucks, vans, buses, and construction machinery and vehicles, and more. Various models also ensure manufacturers can find an electric motor controller that will provide a suitable fit based on the layout and other components they use.


With more than a decade of experience, GTAKE offers some of the top-quality motor controllers for electric vehicles and other devices and applications. GTAKE has a wide range of product lines and the necessary certifications, which ensures clients gain access to top-quality parts that they can use in electronic projects. If you want to find out how a GTAKE motor controller can benefit a project you are working on, then get in touch. Experts are standing by to help you find the right parts for your projects.

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