Electric Superbike Manufacturer Damon Motors Gets $90 Million in Orders For Revolutionary Two Wheelers.

Damon Motors

Electric sports bike company Damon Motors has announced that pre-orders for its game changing e-bikes have exceeded $90 million in total. Designed to be fast and efficient, the environmentally friendly two wheelers exceed performance when compared to gas guzzling superbikes. 

Riding into the Future

Superbikes represent an air of freedom. The wind on the skin, close contact with the motorbike and the thrill of speed has always been an allure. Though the technology of power, safety and performance has improved over time, the industry has become stagnant as it reaches the limit.

More than 160 million two wheelers are produced annually, putting motorbikes in second position for greenhouse gas production that harms the environment and is a major contributor to global warming. While transportation vehicles such as cars are usually blamed for noxious exhaust they produce, the motorbike industry is often overlooked, which produces far more.

Damon Motors brings a revolution with their highly advanced electric superbikes that are on the bleeding edge of technology. Electric sports bikes are not a novel idea, with several manufacturers already producing various models. However, Damon Motors have approached the industry with out of the box thinking that has resulted in its two models, the HyperFighter and HyperSport – two superbikes that blow their competition away.

Being electric in nature, the motorbikes are powered by electricity and require no fuel and thus, have no emissions and are completely environmentally friendly.

The Damon HyperFighter and HyperSport

The Unique Features and Cutting Edge Technologies

The Damon HyperFighter and HyperSport are the culmination of EV, safety and performance, thanks to the unique application of technologies specifically created by the manufacturer.

Mr. Giraud, the CEO of Damon Motors talks on the reason for producing the futuristic electric superbikes,

“By coupling high-volume production with our 5G connected, sensor-enabled, self-learning compute system, we can make it so that every mile ridden on a Damon motorcycle makes all other Damon motorcycles smarter and safer with over-the-air updates. We can cause the accident rates to perpetually fall over the coming decade. This is our 2030 goal.”

HyperDriveTM resides in the heart of the superbikes, the electric motor and the batteries. Packed into the frame where the engine would traditionally be, the HyperDriveTM offers a powerful lithium ion battery pack that is not only efficient, but also weatherproof and has fast charging capabilities. The motor is a proprietary 6-phase power plant that packs a 150Kw punch.

ShiftTM is the ultimate in rider comfort. The Damon Motor superbikes can be ridden in the city and on the track. The ShiftTM allows riders to transform their seating position to suit their riding style. A more relaxed and upward position for urban riding or a sleek and sporty position for a sleeker and faster ride can be achieved in a few seconds at the touch of a button – even when riding.

CopilotTM is a collection of different sensors that actively collect data from all angles. The data is processed by the powerful on-board system to give early warnings to the rider for a safer ride. A predictive AI collates and processes data at all times to become better. The more Damon superbikes are ridden, the more they learn and contribute to overall safety.

Talking on the different cutting edge technologies embedded in the motorbikes, the CEO said,

“It was necessary for us to target performance metrics as good or better than anything achieved before, otherwise people aren’t going to go electric in any meaningful numbers. This is the fundamental Achilles’ heel in the two-wheel EV industry so far. Nobody will trade in for an electric motorbike if it’s not as good as what they already have—people want to trade up.”

The results speak for themselves with electric bikes that achieve astounding figures of a top speed of 200 MPH, 200 HP motor and a similar number in range (200 miles).

Global Potential and Partnerships

With 3500 customers already lined up, Damon Motors is not only looking to satisfy the craving of EV and speed in North America, but is also planning to introduce its technologically superior two wheelers at the global level.

The first step has already been taken, with a partnership with Auteco, the largest motorbike manufacturer and distributor in Latin America. The collaboration will see the HyperSport and HyperFighter models not only being introduced in South America, but even developing and manufacturing electric motorbikes that will be uniquely suited for the specific needs of the region.

Auteco not only produces and distributes several major motorcycle brands like Kawasaki and KTM, but have their own brand of Victory Motorcycles.

Damon is all set to introduce the world to the motorbike revolution in 2023 as it ramps up production facilities to cater to the overwhelming demand by not only a pilot production facility in California, but also leasing another one in Canada.

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