Electric Motorcycle company Bob Eco organized Christmas events for rural African communities

Hong Kong, 23 December 2022, Bob Eco organizes Christmas events in various African countries to celebrate the holiday season and to spread Christmas joy in rural communities. 

The electric vehicle company lets employees and local riders ride around on their electric motorcycles to hand out candy to the communities’ children and to celebrate the charitable achievements of 2022. Also the annual meetings with local village elders were concluded to see what Bob Eco can do the new year to help the impoverished communities.

Bob Ultee, CEO of the group’s holding company in Hong Kong, said: “Christmas is a time to give back, we do our best to make a big impact on the communities throughout the year, but during Christmas, we need to put some extra effort into getting people together. Especially the children that have never seen Santa Clauses in their lives should experience the joy of the holidays.”

Ultee indicated that the Christmas actions will be an annual event at the electric vehicle company.

About Bob Eco

Bob Eco is an electric vehicle and clean energy company with its own line of electric vehicles and solar solutions. 

Bob Eco aims to create opportunities to maximize human potential. Bob Eco takes an aggressive approach to entering as many markets as possible to influence communities and optimally contribute to cleaning up the planet. In developing countries locals can apply for a complete lease-to-own package, including insurance, free battery swaps, and education to help themselves and the local communities.

Asset-linked Crypto

Bob Eco launched the Cryptocurrency Bobcoin in 2021 in an initial coin offering to allow African people to pay for their electric vehicles without all the hassle of using bank transfers, as usual in Africa. Bob Eco has built-in securities into their newest Electric motorcycle, the Bob Eco Model X Gen2, linked to the users’ payments. He will be automatically unusable if users are not paying their bills. The system implements blockchain technology to make this process more secure and smooth. Users must pay in Bobcoin to keep using their motorcycles for the time their lease runs. 

The crypto-token is asset-bound, meaning that the token’s value is supported by the number of assets available throughout the ecosystem.

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