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Elbit Systems UK Wins Canada’s BMA Contract

Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is a world-renowned company based in Israel and engaged in international defence electronics. Founded 56 years ago, the company has become one of the most in-demand suppliers of defence systems. The focus is on upgrading existing military platforms. In addition, they develop new technologies for homeland security, defence, commercial aviation applications, and a range of support services, including simulation and training systems.

Elbit Systems has several subsidiaries, and the subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Elbit Systems UK, happily announced their selection by the Canadian Department of National Defence to boost the air warfare coordination capability of the Canadian Armed Forces.


The Canadian BMA contract

Elbit Systems UK will supply the Canadian Department of National Defence with Elbit Systems’ TORCH-X based Battle Management Application. It will support Canada’s project for ASCCM.

The specific scope of the programme demands that Elbit Systems UK supply a joint version of its TORCH-X BMA. The platform will give situational awareness to show a recognised or local air picture. This will enable the effective coordination of air assets to Land and Joint Command to support the joint task force operations and air missions.

The BMA system will also use the E-CIX open architecture framework of Elbit Systems. The employment will allow connectivity to tactical data links and legacy applications of the Armed Forces. Simultaneously, it will likewise allow new application integration in the future.

The CEO of Elbit Systems UK, said that selection of Canada for the TORCH-Air based BMA solution emphasises the strong partnership among the Five Eyes nations: the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, it highlights the reliability and quality of the firm’s control and multidomain command systems.


Elbit Systems UK projects

Elbit Systems UK won many contracts from 2021 to 2022. The latest is the Battle Management Application (BMA) for the Canadian Armed Forces. Other subsidiaries also won contracts, like the Elbit Systems Sweden AB providing the Swedish Defence Material Administration with the Albatross Combat Management Systems. The project in Sweden, which will last for 34 months, requires the integration of the CMS on the Royal Swedish Navy’s Spårö Class mine countermeasure (MCM) vessels.


Overview of TORCH-Air Battle Management Application 

The programme will provide situational awareness, enabling commanders to plan, evaluate, and conduct strategic operational missions and also plans to create an integrated Aerial Common Operational Picture. The system will build a unified situation picture for all participating aircraft. The image comes from the different sensors integrated into the system, such as COMINT, SIGINT, RADAR, or EO/IR imagery sensors. Situational awareness supports decision-making and real-time operation. Simultaneously, it optimises resource usage, improves force agility, and the effectiveness and accomplishment of the mission.

The situational awareness system will support the various stages of the operational process, such as:

  • Local air picture
  • Recognised air picture compilation/sharing
  • Tactical airspace monitoring/coordination
  • Planning the mission
  • Execution of the mission
  • Post-mission analysis

Elbit Systems UK underlines the flexibility and modular composition of the overall architecture of TORCH Air BMA, which includes software and hardware elements, communication, and sensor interfaces.

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