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ElasticScale- Crafting AWS Mastery for Tech Visionaries

Elastic is a platform for financial tech news that often highlights the importance of efficient resource management. That’s why we are excited to showcase ElasticScale, an AWS consultancy firm that’s revolutionizing how start-ups and scale-ups optimize their cloud resources.

ElasticScale’s CTO, Alex Jeensma, has a storied 7-year background in AWS environments, boasting AWS certifications and a holistic understanding of DevOps and enterprise software delivery. ElasticScale was founded in The Netherlands but serves a worldwide clientele, specializing in turning the ‘black box’ of AWS into a transparent, scalable, and cost-effective asset for the SaaS industry.

Our service array at ElasticScale is comprehensive, encompassing AWS consultancy with an automation-first mindset. By leveraging Terraform, we guarantee the ability to deploy your infrastructure consistently, whether it’s across different environments or diverse geographical regions.

Our client-focused solutions cater to:

  • Start-ups: by crafting a bespoke AWS reference architecture that incorporates best practices, Terraform, local development setups, and Fargate Docker containers. We also assist in securing AWS credits to cover infrastructure costs for the initial year.
  • Scale-ups: through a subscription-based service that allows development teams to concentrate on product innovation while we take on the AWS management, often achieving faster results due to our specialized expertise.
  • Venture Capitalists: by providing a no-cure-no-pay portfolio scan to ensure AWS resources are utilized effectively, leading to cost savings that average 30% across the board.

ElasticScale prides itself on delivering results, like our recent success in reducing a scale-up’s AWS costs by 70% without impacting their operational performance.

Our flexible payment models include:

  • A fixed hourly rate for targeted consultancy projects.
  • A monthly subscription model that suits the ongoing needs of scale-ups.
  • A performance-based no-cure-no-pay model where fees are derived from the AWS savings we accomplish.
  • Payment processing through AWS IQ to streamline billing and allow for the use of AWS credits towards our services.

ElasticScale, AWS Consultancy, offers a free 60-minute consultation to assess your AWS needs, bookable directly through our website. Moreover, we provide a referral fee for those who introduce us to new customers.

Our website,, is not just a portal to our services but also a repository of actionable cost-saving tips for 145 AWS services. You can also sign up for a complimentary 15-minute bill check to evaluate your AWS spending.

With ElasticScale, your venture gains an ally in AWS consultancy, ensuring that your cloud resources are as resilient and adaptable as your business model.

In conclusion, ElasticScale emerges as a beacon of AWS mastery, offering tailored solutions for start-ups, scale-ups, and venture capitalists. With an automation-first mindset and a holistic approach, ElasticScale optimizes AWS resources, delivering transparent, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. From crafting bespoke AWS architectures to achieving substantial cost savings, ElasticScale’s expertise shines through. Flexible payment models, a commitment to results, and complimentary consultations make ElasticScale a strategic ally in AWS consultancy. Visit for actionable tips and a complimentary bill check, securing a resilient and adaptable cloud infrastructure aligned with your business goals. Schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discuss your AWS needs, and join our community of forward-thinking businesses benefiting from ElasticScale’s expertise and commitment to results.

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