Eisbach Watches launches the TIDRON UT 360GM-T Series

We live in a world with so many variables. And the ability to keep time no matter where you are or where you are going is the only thing you can truly rely on. Our Eisbach Tidron UT 360GM-T is a versatile dual-time zone dive automatic watch designed for exploring the world around you. 

Regardless of your destination or the nature of your trip. It is more than a GMT watch. Our Eisbach Tidron UT 360GM-T is a versatile dual-time zone dive watch with 500m Water resistance, equipped with permanent Tigalight H3 illumination, designed for exploring the world around you.

We’ve combined our everlasting love for precision time instruments with the conviction that elegance and versatility need not be compromised. The Kidron UT 360GM-T is as reliable in the boardroom as it is in the ocean’s depths, keeping you one step ahead on your journey to freedom and adventure.


The perfect GMT watch for the nomadic adventurer. You’re on the move and live your life with purpose and understanding. You’re happy and strive to do more and be more. Time is your currency.

The TRON UT 360GM-T features a 316L stainless steel case with a bead-blasted finish, and the Carbon Series with extremely durable DLC Coating, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The sharp edges of the case and bracelet characterize this German tool watch design. Such a design, as well as the bead-blasted stainless steel finish, perfectly suits a tool watch like this one.

With a diameter of 41 mm, the watch fits perfectly on your wrist, whether you choose the bead-blasted stainless steel bracelet or the extremely durable FKM rubber strap. The rubber strap is made of premium FKM rubber. This is the most expensive rubber material available because it is the best on the market, which ensures a long lifespan and wear resistance for our Eisbach watches. 

Both the steel bracelet and FKM strap are 20 mm wide and taper slightly to 18 mm. Slight tapering ensures the highest comfort, and the foldable clasp on the bracelet or the stainless-steel buckle on the rubber strap proudly boasts an engraved Eisbach logo.

The sharp edges of the case and bracelet characterize this German-engineered tool watch. Such a design perfectly suits a GMT tool watch like this one.

The black dial, hands, capture Ring, and bezel are richly coated with luminous layers. The chaptering on the dial with white Super Luminnova, as well as the hour and minute hands, feature ice blue Trigalight H3 illumination, while the bezel is illuminated with Swiss SuperLuminova BGW9. 

What distinguishes the four variants of this model (white, red, green, and orange) is the illumination of the GMT hand, which can be red, green, orange, or white and is also made of SuperLuminova. At first glance, it may seem like a small difference, but beauty is in the details, and we at Eisbach watches pay great attention to details.

The unidirectional rotating bezel with 120 clicks and black ceramic bezel insert not only looks beautiful but is also your perfect partner in precise timekeeping. Regardless of whether you are tracking the time in another time zone or measuring time for some other reason, the precision of the bezel will allow you to always have an accurate time.

The Swiss automatic movement with 25 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve ensures the highest precision in timekeeping. The Swiss movement ticks 28,800 times per hour, 8 times per second, so the second hand will beautifully sweep on the dial.

The water resistance of 500m guarantees accurate timekeeping at any depth. For added security, the screw-down crown at 4 o’clock and screw-down back cover give extra security, both engraved with the Eibach logo.

The shock resistance guarantees that you can withstand the most demanding adventures with this automatic watch.

The main star of the collection

The crowning glory of the Eibach watch collection is the TIDRON UT 360GM-Tpro and  TIDRON UT 360GM-Pro Carbon. It is a limited series equipped with an exhibition case back. The case back is transparent for a reason, as it shows a true work of art. A rotor specially designed by Eisbach drives the movement, and the blue screws add extra beauty to this top-of-the-line movement of fine mechanics.

The only reason you’ll want to take the TIDRON UT 360GM -Tpro off your wrist is to see its movement. And once you start watching it, you won’t want to stop. There is indeed something mesmerizing about the rotor’s design and the entire automatic movement with its blue screws.

This model is available in a variety of options to suit your taste.

Tidron UT 360GM-T variations:

– TIDRON UT 360GM-T  Red (red SuperLuminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON UT 360GM-T Green (green SuperLuminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON 360 UT Orange  (orange Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON UT GM-T PRO WHITE – LIMITED EDITION (white Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

From one continent and place to another, your Kidron UT 360GM-T will accompany you. Kidron UT – where the importance of durability meets the elegance of design.

TIDRON UT  360GM-T Carbon

With the same features as the TIDRON 360GM-T, but upgraded with a black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating, this automatic GMT watch will be something special in your collection.

As with the basic TIDRON UT 360GM-T, the carbon version has its limited edition. This model also has a transparent back cover with beautiful movement underneath. The difference is that in this case, the entire movement, as well as the specially Eisbach-designed rotor, is a combination of black and copper gold, which goes well with the black carbon color of the case. Of course, the recognizable blue screws in the movement are also present in this case, which gives a special touch to this color combination.

Also, with the carbon version, there are variants with different colors of the GMT hand.

Tidron UT 360GM-T Carbon variations:

– TIDRON UT Red Carbon (red Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON UT Green Carbon (green Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON UT Orange Carbon (orange Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

– TIDRON UT GM-T PRO White Carbon – LIMITED EDITION (white Super Luminova illumination on GMT hand)

Whichever model you choose from our wide range, you will have a reliable partner for all your adventures.

Author: Eisbach Watches

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