Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory: What Is The Difference?


What is the difference between eidetic memory VS photographic memory? Which of these types of memory can be developed, and which is considered an absolute phenomenon?

Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory

Today, many people want to develop themselves comprehensively, learn something new, and improve their profession. However, to process large amounts of information, you need to have a good memory. If you have already started looking for a training program to improve it, you have probably come across the definitions of eidetic memory VS photographic memory. You can choose a truly effective technique only by understanding the difference between these two concepts.

What Is The Difference Between Eidetic And Photographic Memory?

To understand the difference between eidetic memory VS photographic memory, it is necessary to discuss these two concepts in more detail.

What Is A Photographic Memory?

Most of us have heard about photographic memory at least once in our lives, but not everyone understands the meaning of this term. So, people with this type of memory have an unusual ability to memorize images, documents, or events and then store this information for years with maximum accuracy. Then, as soon as they need this data, they can reproduce it in their minds as clearly as in a photograph. So, this refers to long-term memory. It is believed that Theodore Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Julius Caesar, and Sergei Rachmaninov were able to achieve results in their field thanks to their excellent photographic memory.

It is worth noting that photographic memory is rare. Scientists have not yet studied this phenomenon, but it is believed that this is an innate ability, which is almost impossible to develop artificially.

Many people confuse photographic memory with Hyperthymesia. People can remember autobiographical events (conversations, locations, actions, and facts). Everything that happens to a person, they remember incredibly clearly to the smallest detail. The difference lies in that a person with a photographic memory remembers only images and documents but does not remember sounds or conversations. And people with hypertension cannot remember passages from books statistics, but only what happened to them.

What Is Eidetic Memory?

Eidetic memory is a short-term memory that allows a person to reproduce an image that he or she saw a few seconds ago in the smallest detail in mind. An ordinary person with a poorly trained memory can keep the picture clear for 2 to 3 seconds, and then it blurs. After a long training, you will learn to hold the image for 10-12 seconds, which will already be a good solution.

If you feel that your short-term memory needs improvement, you can take a training course to improve eidetic memory.

How To Improve Eidetic Memory?

The creators of memoryOS have developed a unique eidetic memory improvement program that includes various workouts. Learning on a mobile application takes only 15-20 minutes a day, giving a reasonably good result. This concept only works if you don’t skip workouts.

Such workouts include:

  • 3D models;
  • memory improvement exercises familiar to us since childhood;
  • original and fun games.

The creators of the application tried to make everything that learning was interesting, not boring, and brought only positive emotions. Therefore, it allows you to achieve really good results.

Before starting training, it is necessary to conduct a test for memory state at the initial stage. To do this, put a photograph or just a beautiful picture in front of you, then close your eyes and try to reproduce it in your mind. Time yourself until the picture is clear. Record the result. This indicator will be different for each, but as you train, the ability to memorize will improve. It is crucial to follow the dynamics here.

To improve the result of training, it is worth visiting beautiful places, and then at home trying to reproduce in memory the cityscapes you saw today. It is generally accepted that a person’s imagination works exceptionally well during falling asleep, so it is worth training during this period.


What is the difference between eidetic memory VS photographic memory? Memorization is a rather complex process that is still poorly understood by scientists. However, the data obtained is sufficient to develop an effective training program to improve eidetic memory. On the other hand, creating photographic memory is incredibly difficult, and some studies show that it is impossible at all.

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