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eHealth Technologies Push Boundary of Telemedicine

ICT-based health solutions have been continuously changing the face of patient-provider relationship. E-health (electronic health) has been evolving rapidly on the back of penetration of ICT in patient care. It has opened a new era of telemedicine.

Worldwide, healthcare providers are striving for successfully implementing ICT-based health solutions. Physicians are keen on overcoming the barriers in adoption of ICT, which has enriched the evidence for eHealth systems. The trend is stark in the rising demand for telemedicine services. During the first few months of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, these held an enormous clinical potential in mitigating the burden of the diseases. Not only for this, several other chronic diseases witnessed the utilization of telemedicine services, thus expanding the business prospect of eHealth market.

Telehealth Advancing Scope of Chronic Disease Management

One of the overarching trends that has fueling the expansion of avenues in the eHealth market is the rapid commercialization of consumer-oriented technologies notably the use of smartphones. Such devices continue to empower patients to take care of their health data at first place, given the penetration of electronic health records of health systems of various countries, Plus, it ensures an ease of access to patient care regardless of the geographical boundaries. The inroads being made has been anchored in the expanding skills of the consumers in the use of such devices in eHealth market.

Patients have increasingly harnessed ICT-based health solutions for telepathology, electronic prescribing, and teleconsultation. Thus, eHealth applications are advancing the scope of disease monitoring especially in diabetes and asthma.

The past few years have seen enormous advancements in IT infrastructure has made the data infrastructure in the eHealth market more secure. One of the key technologies is internet-of-things (IoT) cloud platforms in telemedicine and telehealth. However, the evidence for the significance clinical value of consumer health informatics through eHealth is still evolving. It may take a while before the benefits are accepted by population at large.

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