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Effortlessly Eliminate Unwanted Landline Calls with imp

Effortlessly Eliminate Unwanted Landline Calls with impTM

We all think that placing our names on those “do not call lists” actually works. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as spam, political fundraising, debt collection, and survey calls still manage to find their way through to our home phones causing endless stress and frustration. 

Forget the do-not-call lists and just install an imp.

While the imp may look small, I can assure you its prowess is nearly immeasurable. This little device hunts down those annoying solicitor phone calls and savagely destroys them. It doesn’t hold back! 

In fact, it stands guard 24/7 like your own personal assistant making it the perfect addition to any space where peace and tranquillity are desired. You can even manage calls remotely using the intuitive imp app making this one of the most convenient call-screening devices available on the market today. 

You may think “I’ll just subscribe to one of those call-blocking services” but I can assure you none of them compare to imp, the best landline call blocker.

With imp, you can rest assured that every call that comes through is one you will want to pick up. Furthermore, you will have anywhere, anytime access to your messages making this the perfect device for remote management of the phone of an elderly relative or someone you may be caring for. 

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. imp is a simple-to-use device that packs a ton of technology with a very small footprint. However, don’t be daunted by this as the setup and configuration of this powerhouse device is so easy even the most technology illiterate can get it up and running. 

The setup is so simple, all you need to do is download the imp app, open up the box the imp comes in, plug your incoming phone line into imp, and then plug imp into your home phone using the additional phone cord. 

Oh, and you also have to plug the imp into a power source using the included adapter as well. 

Full disclosure, you do need to have a landline phone with caller ID, WiFi connectivity, and an Android or Apple-powered smartphone. 

But hey who doesn’t have all of those in the world we live in today?

Before I forget, maybe you’d like to do a fun unboxing video of your own imp showing everyone just how easy it is to set up. 

Once I plugged in my shiny new imp I downloaded the imp app on my beautiful iPhone 13 Pro Max and I was amazed at just how user-friendly this app is. I was able to quickly and easily take advantage of imp’s GreenlistTM Technology to determine what callers I would allow through. I was then able to instruct imp to hang up on or Redlist callers I simply do not want to hear from. These are your telemarketers, political survey idiots, those begging for donations, you get the idea. 

And then there is the middle ground, the “Greylist” callers. It has been determined that roughly 70% of the calls we receive land somewhere in this grey space. This is where imp really shines as it silently takes a message from these callers and delivers that message to the imp app on my iPhone. 

I was also blown away at how the imp automatigically helped me to create lists so I could perfect the art of choosing who I want to get calls from and who I want imp to block.

The revolutionary imp app also lets multiple users interact with a single imp device. This means that both my wife and I can manage my elderly mother’s phone and see who is calling. We can also manage her calls on the fly editing her call lists to ensure that only the people she cares about are able to get ahold of her. 

We are told that nothing in life is free and that is the case with the imp. 

Nevertheless, the $50 bucks spent on the imp is money very well spent. 

With the $50 you get the imp hardware, access to the smartphone app, innovative Greenlist Call-Screen Technology, military-grade security, one month of service for free ($10/month thereafter), the ability to store an unlimited number of contacts, embedded smart home answering machine technology, access for multiple users, free shipping, and yes even free returns.  Visit their website at for more info.

I can assure you the free returns aren’t necessary as you will love your imp just as much as I do.  

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