Effective ways to promote your virtual event

Conduct email campaigns

Virtual events are a new concept that didn’t have much exposure until a few recent years. Hosts and event managers constantly seek ways to raise awareness about these virtual events. Emails are a mandatory part of our lives; most of us can’t even get through a day without checking our mail. 

Running email campaigns to previous attendees, customers, or people who may have subscribed to your newsletter or blog is a strategic move to inform the audience about your event. Receiving personalized emails with attention-grabbing subject lines, thrilling updates, sneak peeks of special guest appearances, and highlights of segments will be tempting enough for the receivers. 

A few measures to elevate these reminders are incorporating eye-catching graphics to create buzz and conducting giveaways by offering vouchers or gift cards to the first few people who register to pique excitement. Such emails will persuade the recipients not to miss your virtual event.


Find means to engage more people

Hosting a virtual event is a burdensome task by itself. An insufficient number of participants would make your efforts go to waste. That’s why fascinating potential entrants and circulating the news should be vital and noteworthy goals in the initial phase. 

You can ask sponsors to notify their clients about your program and even write articles or blogs to provide further detailed information. Furthermore, you shouldn’t take word of mouth for granted; positive referrals and endorsements from previous attendees will bring in more people.

Employ social media as a marketing tool

Social media will be an ideal medium to execute your plan if you intend to build anticipation among your audience about your event. Nowadays, you will find a plethora of social media platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to publicize your event. 

Every portal calls for a different approach according to its type of users. For instance, LinkedIn calls for a more professional approach to spreading the word to corporations. Facebook has the maximum range of users, so you can specifically reach your target audience by engaging in groups relevant to your event. If you’re opting to spread awareness through visual content, then utilizing Instagram would be a good call as it allows you to post striking graphics in the form of appealing pictures and videos. 

Create short videos showcasing details and procedures to attend your virtual event, and post captivating graphics and flyers to enhance your feed. You can use various features such as countdowns till the day of the event, question stickers, and apply suitable hashtags to get hold of your intended crowd through Instagram story templates that will entice potential attendees. You can consult services like PosterMyWall with a wide variety of customizable templates.


Get influencers on-board

Another effective way to drive traffic at your virtual event is by connecting with influencers catering to your demographic. Influencer marketing will boost your turnout and build a relationship with the community. You can even invite such influencers to be a part of your event, as a few credible words from their side can make a serious impact.

Consistency is key

Lastly, one mistake hosts make while promoting on social media is irregularity; a fluctuating posting schedule will fail to keep people updated about your event. Either you post too rarely or unreasonably often. This error may inflict a handicap on your process. Utilize social media scheduling to achieve consistency and secure more attendees.

A successful example

The National Geographic Storytellers Summit took place in 2021 and was a tremendous success as they fruitfully used social media. They embedded a social wall with impressive photos and videos from around the world, which was instrumental in captivating people through a visual approach. 

Filmmakers, journalists, illustrators, and photographers accompanied them to celebrate the art of storytelling. These factors came together to create a mesmeric experience for attendees and made them abandon the thought of sitting in front of a computer screen.

Final verdict

Applying various tactics to market your virtual event may seem strenuous and time-consuming, but it is vital. We must make efforts for a smooth and successful event. Professional hosts always consider networking as the first and crucial step of the process. 

Whether you use numerous social media platforms and apply digital tools to create unique and innovative graphics, connect with influencers, write promotional articles or organize email campaigns, bringing the crowd into your digital event should be the motive.

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