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Effective Strategies For Improving Essay Writing Skills

Effective Strategies For Improving Essay Writing Skills

An essay evaluates your critical thinking strength and ability to convert that thinking into a written form. Professionals and students generally write essays to discuss topics or argue on crucial issues. Writing a well-structured essay will help you to communicate clearly and effectively in your class or professional field. However, essay writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why some people struggle to write essays in an effective manner with all the necessary basics. However, with some strategies, you can improve your essay-writing skills in no time.

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Importance of Essay Writing Skill

Before writing an essay, you should know why it is an important skill. Some of the benefits of essay writing are:

  • Fosters Creativity: While writing an essay, you practice intense thinking, which boosts your knowledge. Some essay topics also enable you to think outside the box. It helps you to come up with unique ideas and exceed your capacity for thinking.
  • Research Skills Development: Research is significant for essay writing. It helps to gather data and arguments to support your points. Over time, you learn essential research techniques. This way, you can easily navigate online information and find reliable sources.
  • Expands Knowledge: Conducting research for various topics allows you to gain expertise on topics you knew nothing or too little about. You start making connections and have a better understanding of particular topics and concepts.
  • Essential for Academic Achievement: In educational institutions, writing is one of the most significant aspects of everything you do. Good grades come with good writing skills. Hence, essay writing is crucial to succeed in tasks or projects.
  • Strengthens Communication Abilities: When you write essays, you improve your potential to organize your thoughts and deliver them as clearly as possible. Writing teaches you to structure your thoughts into sentences, strengthening your communication skills.

Strategies to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Anyone can learn to produce a well-written essay using a few basic essay-writing strategies. If you want to improve your essay-writing skills, try keeping up with the following tips.

Carefully Read the Instructions

If you have a class assignment or scholarship application, you typically also get some instructions. These prompts guide you on what you can write about and list possible topics. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before you start writing an essay. It provides you with clues on how to design your topic or argument.

Moreover, you can underline any directions that help you determine how many points you can include or how lengthy your essay might be. Reading instructions properly and highlighting the demands will ensure your essay goes in the right direction.

Pick Your Topic Wisely

Usually, when writing an essay, you get a few choices to select your topic. If you are not assigned a specific topic ahead of time, try to write on a subject you find interesting. When you are choosing your topic, consider the reasons behind it.

There are different types of essays, which is why you should choose the one that fits the best with your idea. It will support your thinking and make finding points supporting your argument easier. If you are confused while selecting the topic, list supporting points for each argument. Then, choose the topic in which you have more points and is easier for you to support.

Create an Outline

Creating an outline is one of the easiest ways to structure an essay. Since it helps you to organize your matter on the points you want to discuss, it is vital. Develop a simple description, allowing you to determine the idea of your article. It will also establish a strong point statement.

Include an introduction to the topic outline, the body, and a conclusion. Introduce your topic or argument generally in the starting. In the body, cover separate paragraphs or subheadings to support your topic. Lastly, conclude the whole idea, covering all your points together.

Do Thorough Research

You can use different outside sources for some essays to support your idea or provide extra information. Make sure to use multiple sources for research. It will ensure that your essay has a versatile argument and reviews more than a single perspective.

Evaluate your topic and use books, online journals, videos, web databases, and primary sources like movies or novels accordingly. Collect the main quotations and facts for each reference that stand with your topic. You can also copy the citation information and include it in your bibliography for sources.

Use Proper Vocabulary

Language skill is important when writing academic papers. The main goal of an academic essay is to convince the reader that you have complete information about your topic. Refrain from misusing formal words and trying to sound smart without understanding the word’s meaning. Avoid using words that are not clearly understandable so you do not confuse your argument’s degree of clarity.

Use words that match your essay’s tone and purpose. It will help to make your writing engaging and persuasive. Learn new words with the help of a dictionary or thesaurus to understand first and implement later. It is not restricted to using big words, but choosing the right words according to the essay’s tone is essential.

Structure Sentences Correctly

Your essay will contain a diverse range of sentence lengths to move from one concept to another. Do not use a lot of short sentences: it will make your essay appear overcrowded. Likewise, avoid using long sentences throughout the article, which may make it confusing. Rather, try using a balance of both short and long sentences in your entire essay. Moreover, make sure that you do not repeat the same things again and again, which will cause stuffing and an awkward read.

Acquire Solid Grasp on Basic Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

Refining your essay-writing skills will require a solid grasp of grammar, punctuation, and style. It will be challenging to deliver your ideas without these writing basics effectively. Grammar fundamentals will include subject and verb agreement, using correct pronouns and articles, and well-structured sentences.

Be mindful when using punctuation, as it plays a major role in structuring the idea and communicating. A single wrong punctuation in the wrong place can lead to different meanings. Furthermore, instead of using passive voice, try using active voice whenever possible. With the help of this, you can make your essay’s tone direct and easily understandable.

Understand Essay Argument Properly and Support with Evidence

Your main argument is one thing to keep at the front of your mind while writing an essay. It helps in making your article more interesting, making your writing more tangible. Furthermore, when writing an argument, you should have strong evidence to support it.

Before bringing in some proof, ask yourself whether it supports your idea or not; if it does not, simply remove it from your essay. You want to refer to the best proof that you can find to support your argument.

Evaluate your evidence critically and thoroughly. A good essay writer also explains why their evidence is supportive and relevant. Ensure everything you add in your essay connects to your argument or topic.

Read Essays Written by Professionals

Read different essays written by other people using different styles and tones. It will help you to grow and expand your essay writing style. Read essays on various topics instead of only the ones you are working on. When you read a diverse range of essays, you come up with various kinds of new and unique ideas. You can implement these ideas and techniques while writing your own essay to improve your writing style and quality.

Always Proofread

Once you have completed your essay, start proofreading. It is one of the main aspects of having a high-quality written essay. Look at the sentence forms and look for mistakes in spelling and grammar. These are common mistakes that you may not notice while writing. Hence, proofreading is important to make your final essay with no errors. You can also use checking tools like Grammarly and others to point out grammar or sentence issues.

Before completing or submitting your essay, remember to read it a few times aloud. It will help you identify if the tone you are using is correct. Plus, it will also help to look for punctuation and spelling errors. You can also ask your friend or mate to read your final draft and give honest feedback. Know that you learn from criticism, so if there are any objections, improve it.


While writing an essay seems easy, it can be daunting for some people. However, it does not mean they cannot write well-structured, high-quality essays. They are just a few strategies away from improving and writing excellent essays independently. Still don’t think you can improve your essay-writing skills? No worries, since the platform provides the best essay writing services that will fulfill all your writing needs.

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