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Effective File Management Tricks & Tips for Better Business Outcomes


File or data management is integral to business success. Organizing your folders and it can help locate files easily and quickly. According to an article on Forbes, IDC has pointed out that global data will be reaching 163 zettabytes by 2025, which is 10x more than the total data generated in 2016. Storing and organizing data can help drive customer service enhancements, noteworthy enterprise innovation, and steady business growth. However, managing so much data and billions of it can be hard for organizations. Here are a few file & data management tricks or tips for creating a perfect filing system that makes things easier for you.

Always Delete All Unnecessary Data

The most common trick is to keep deleting unnecessary data or files from time to time. A computer with too many programs and it may become challenging to manage and retard the organization’s overall performance. It is a bad habit to save everything that comes to you. You may devote a few seconds to browse the content and maintain a file only if the data is relevant to your business. You may delete all unnecessary data or files from your computer. This may include deleting email attachments, temporary files, videos, old photos, etc. It is best to keep your files well-organized at all times. Moreover, it is the best way to free up space so that you can store new data.

Follow File Naming Convention

Naming conventions are crucial because that is an effective way of finding it easily and quickly. This may be best for preventing any chances of an issue or confusion while collaborating with others. That is because they will be aware of precisely what kind of they are trying to find. There may be diverse ways of naming your files; however, it is crucial to consider factors like the document type and the number of words the title should contain. In case, you wish to generate a Microsoft Office document such as Excel, or Word, you must incorporate into the title a version number to avoid overriding the document and keep a record.

Use Labels to Identify All Documents

An important filing management tip is to use labels on your files for perfect document organization. Labeling documents is the best way of finding what you require fast and easy. You may use labels to incorporate some additional information like events, dates, and other names you’re your documents.

Always Keep Related Files Together Irrespective of Their Type

You may consider storing letters, reports, graphics, spreadsheets, and presentation notes related to a specific project in one separate folder instead of creating a single folder for storing all relevant presentations related to all projects or maintaining a separate file for spreadsheets related to all projects. It is best to maintain all documents relating to a particular project in a single folder or file.


We have discussed a few tricks for perfect file or folder management. It pays to create digital versions of paper documents. It works best if you have a shortage of space for storing paper documents. Moreover, it is best for sharing critical documents electronically and making information and data storage more secure.





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