Effect House: The Platform for Creating Augmented Reality Filters on TikTok

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TikTok, the most downloaded app by Generation Z, has launched in April 2022 a platform for creating augmented reality filters called Effect House. Since then, all users of the social network have been able to use this enjoyable tool to create their own unique augmented reality filters.

Effect House for TikTok users

  1.  All about augmented reality filters

Augmented reality filters are the superimposition of 2D and 3D content onto the user’s real environment. Since the emergence of augmented reality filters, many platforms like TikTok have launched creation apps for users.

There are also agencies specialized in creating augmented reality filters like filter maker. They offer their experienced know-how to brands for the creation of their augmented reality filters on social media.

  1. The Advantages of Effect House

Effect House offers many benefits to creators and users to create a TikTok ar filter. It is interesting to note, firstly, that it is accessible to everyone worldwide, which allows more people to create original and personalized filters. Effect House also allows for creating effects without special technical knowledge, which easily allows creators to let their imagination run wild and focus on their creativity.

Finally, brands can also benefit from using Effect House, as the use of augmented reality is very beneficial for them. Augmented reality effects can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors and create immersive and captivating advertising campaigns.

  1. Rules to Follow on the Platform

Effect House allows creators total autonomy on the platform, which can sometimes lead them to violate the good use policy of Effect House. To avoid this, effects that encourage discrimination against a minority are completely banned, as are those simulating plastic surgery or encouraging the use of illicit substances.

In addition to these restrictions, once a filter is created, it will be subjected to verification by TikTok’s “Trust and Safety” team. If the augmented reality filter does not comply with TikTok’s application policies, it cannot be posted on the platform and a warning will be sent to the creator. Users themselves can also report non-compliant content to the platform, which will take action against the creator.

How to create your own filters on Effect House

To help users easily navigate the application, TikTok offers several tutorials to teach them shortcuts and complex techniques on Effect House. In this article, we also provide some tips to help you create a TikTok filter more easily:

  1. Download Effect House on your Mac or iPhone and log in with your TikTok account.
  2. To create your effect, you can access templates that will guide you through your project.
  3. To add more originality, you can import visuals by ensuring that they are compressed and converted to JPEG format.
  4. To preview your effect, simply click on the “Preview in TikTok” icon to generate a QR code to scan within the app.
  5. All that’s left is to create a demo video of your new TikTok filter and have it validated by the TikTok team.
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