Education Technology Market | What will be the Future of Market in 2030?

Education Technology

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital landscape has changed completely. The growing influence of digitalization has touched many sectors. The education sector is no stranger to this change. The way of education has wholly shifted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With long lockdown durations and restrictions on the movement of the people, the education sector is creating ripples in terms of technological advancements.

Countries like India, with a vast population and a large number of children seeking education are crucial for the growth of the education technology market. The developments in India will shape the growth of the education technology market to a considerable extent.

Rollout of Good Policies by the Government

The Indian Government is realizing the potential of digitization across the education sector. It has been framing its educational policy according to the new changes taking place in the education technology landscape. The Education Ministry recently rolled out a New Education Policy (NEP) to ensure the penetration of technology in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Such developments provide a much-needed boost to the education technology market.

Emerging Startups Playing a Pivotal Role

The role of ed-tech startups is crucial for the growth of the education technology market. With the rising prominence of digital education, many startups are emerging on the horizon of the education technology market. E-learning has gained exceptional acceptance among the Indian masses, and this factor will encourage more startups to emerge and contribute to the growth of the education technology market.

Well-established players in the Indian education technology market like Byju’s receive extensive funding for ramping up their features and make educational technology more accessible.

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In the coming days, digital education is poised to witness significant changes. Embracing the changes and coming up with new tools is the key to generate expansive revenues for the players in the education technology market. India will have a lion’s share in the growth of the education technology market in the coming future.

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