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EDS Schoenborn Orchards Continues to be a Top Apple Orchard in Michigan

EDS Schoenborn Orchards Continues to be a Top Apple Orchard in Michigan

One of the best parts of living in the state of Michigan during the fall months of the year is enjoying a great fresh and crisp apple from one of the many orchards scattered throughout the state. One of the top orchards for anyone who loves a great apple is EDS Schoenborn Orchards, located in Conklin, MI. This orchard has a long and rich history and has continued to support the apple farming and packaging needs of distributors and wholesalers all over the country.

EDS Schoenborn Orchards Started Nearly 70 Years Ago

EDS Schoenborn Orchards is well known for being one of the oldest and most established orchards in this part of Michigan. The orchard was started in 1954 by Emmett Schoenborn. He was able to start the orchard when he purchased a plot of farmland from his father, who was already an established farmer in the area. Emmett Schoenborn ran the business on his own for a long time, but he always planned to pass it down as a legacy to his family.

Orchard Ownership and Management Stays in Family

EDS Schoenborn Orchards is also a unique orchard because it has continued to stay in the family. While larger organizations have purchased many farms, this orchard continues to be a family-run business. In 1984, Emmet Schoenborn brought his two sons, David and Steven, into the business. Later on, Travis Schoenborn, Emmet’s grandson, was brought into the business and a third-generation owner and manager.

EDS Schoenborn Orchards Grows and Develops to Offer More Services

The popular orchard in Conklin, MI has continued growing to offer more services throughout the area. The orchard is now more than 400 acres, making it large enough to serve many commercial clients. In 2015, the company and orchard invested in a new packing line. This allowed them to harvest and package apples, which were then sold directly to wholesalers. This has opened up the opportunity to ensure their apples are enjoyed by a much broader group of end users across the country.

Michigan and other states in the Midwest continue to be known for being able to produce some of the freshest and tastiest apples in the country. One of these orchards is EDS Schoenborn Orchards, which has a long and rich history that dates back nearly 70 years. The orchard is also continuing to offer new unique services and products that will help it stay up to date with changes in the industry. 

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