EdrawMind V11 Mind Mapping: A Visual Approach to Organizing Ideas


Welcome to the future of mind mapping with EdrawMind V11! In a world driven by innovation and efficiency, harnessing the power of visual thinking has never been more crucial. EdrawMind V11 emerges as the avant-garde solution, redefining the landscape of mind mapping software.

Picture a tool that not only captures your thoughts but transforms them into dynamic, interconnected visual masterpieces. EdrawMind V11 transcends traditional mind mapping, offering an intuitive and collaborative platform designed to inspire creativity and enhance productivity.

Unleash your ideas with an array of cutting-edge features, from seamless cloud integration to real-time collaboration, ensuring your thoughts evolve into comprehensive, organized structures effortlessly. With an enhanced user interface, EdrawMind V11 is not just a mind mapping tool – it’s a catalyst for innovation.

They say if the brain is a lock, then the mind map is the key. I couldn’t agree more. Designing mind maps is a unique way of illustrating and organizing your thoughts into helpful information. These graphics can improve your cognitive thinking ability. At the same time, it allows you to work on your presentation skills.

Some distinctive benefits of mind mapping include;

  • Flexibility: These tools offer flexibility in modification.
  • Improved lateral thinking: Mind maps train the brain to brainstorm and be creative.
  • Increased productivity: They help in faster learning and are suitable for strategic planning.
  • Presentation skills: Mind maps allow you to break complex concepts into recallable information.

Steps to make a mind map in EdrawMind

There are multiple ways about how to make a mind map in EdrawMind application. Today, I will guide you on the procedure of using an available template to create one. So buckle up and follow the steps below to design enticing mind maps.

Step 1: Create a Wondershare ID

To kick-start your mapping journey with EdrawMind, create a Wondershare ID. Do this by choosing Home > Sign Up. Enter your credentials, such as Email, Password, and Location. This will make your Wondershare ID, allowing you to access free templates and cloud storage features.

Step 2: Navigate to mind map gallery

Mind Map Gallery contains thousands of free templates for you to work on. To access it, navigate to File > Mind Map Gallery. You will be able to see different templates categorized into groups.

Step 3: Choose a category

After accessing the mind map gallery, you can filter your results by category. Choose a category of your choice to get related mind map templates. For example, in this case, I have chosen the main category, Life > Travel and Tourism.

Step 4: Duplicate the template

After filtering the results, you will get templates related to your chosen category. Scroll down and choose the one that fulfills your requirements. After locating the desired template, select Duplicate. It will copy the template into your Home screen.

Step 5: Edit details

The duplicated template will contain text by default. You can edit the content using the side panel located on the right. For instance, I have created a mind map of Travel Plans. The significant destinations include Paris, Bali, Seoul, Wuhan, Tokyo, and Istanbul.

Step 6: Save the map

Once the map is ready, you can save it to your computer or in the cloud storage within the EdrawMind app. To do this, navigate to File > Save as > Computer > Browse to desired location. Alternatively, choose File > Save as > Personal Cloud to save in cloud storage. This will keep the mind map on the cloud in the app.

Step 7: Export the mind map

EdrawMind also offers the feasibility of exporting the mind map in various formats such as graphics, PDF, and Word. You can export the visual in the desired format by choosing File > Export > Desired Format. For example, in this case, I have chosen the Graphics format to export it. This means that the map would be exported as a PNG.

Step 8: Print the Map

If you prefer a hard copy instead of getting the product in online format, you can choose to print it. This is simple and would be done in the blink of an eye. Go to File > Print. Check that all the details are correct and select the Print button. Cheers, you are done.

Tips for effective mind mapping

Here are my two cents on creating effective mind maps. Follow the tips for designing practical yet captivating mind maps.

Using keywords is the key.

Keywords take up less space on your map but convey the whole meaning. These small phrases can help you attract the reader’s attention in seconds. So, focus on replacing details with keywords to make your maps attractive.

Vibrancy is the ultimate goal.

Who doesn’t love a vibrant visual? Colors can add life to your mind map, so using bright colors is highly recommended. Try playing with different color palettes and mix and match various options to choose the one that suits your graphic.

Keep it simple

Keeping the mind map simple yet informative will increase your understanding of it. It will also help in organizing your thoughts, thus improving the presentation. Refrain from dwelling on detail. Instead, include to-the-point content to increase engagement.

Flexibility helps a long way.

Flexibility is the greatest strength. This statement proves to be ultimately true when designing a mind map. Keeping things flexible will allow you to make changes whenever required. So, make sure to leave room for error.

Power of images

Every picture tells a story. Remember to include one in your visual to make it stand out. Including images is a unique way of illustrating your thoughts to the outer world. So, make sure to include one that conveys the meaning to the audience.

Choosing a suitable image for your map can be challenging. Fortunately, EdrawMind has built-in Pexel and Iconfont. So, it can include multiple pictures and icons in your graphic.

Keep a holistic approach.

Focus on the mind map as a whole instead of diverting your attention from the main topic. Dwelling more on minor details can take your attention from the main idea. Stay focused, and keep a holistic approach to create a practical mind map.


Mind mapping is an art, and you can be an artist if you know the right way. Mind maps allow you to be creative yet practical at the same time. Therefore, these visuals are a perfect tool for you to present your ideas in an organized and understandable manner. However, creating effective and flexible mind maps can be time-consuming.

Therefore, you are welcome to try out the AI one-click mind map generation feature of EdrawMind that can generate a vibrant mind map in the bat of an eye.  You can also export your map in many formats with just a few clicks. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and embark on your mind-mapping adventure.

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