Edge of Yield Market Revolution with Ladex Farms on LACHAIN


Lachain Yield Market is an omnichain yield aggregator that revolutionised cross chain yield farming and made yield farms all over the blockchain variety on DeFi market available for deposit from all chains in 1 click.

Ladex Farms are considered to be an important step in the Yield Market revolution, done by Lachain.

Ladex farms revolutionising DeFi yield market

LaDEX Exchange is a DEX AMM in the core of Lachain L1 network to unify liquidity pools and a major omnichain engine for cross-chain swaps. Apart from typical farming and swaps, Ladex contains unified liquidity pools of omnichain LA token used for transfer value and paying fees in cross chain transactions.

Lachain Bridge protocol uses LaDEX to swap different gas tokens to pay for transactions, and exchange crypto via LA as an intermediary token. Unlike other bridges, Lachain leverages the unified liquidity pool of LaDEX and thus the same liquidity can be reused to multiple chains and tokens.

Ladex Farms are incentivized pools of Lachain LA token plus native tokens of connected blockhains –  BNB, FTM, Matic, Eth, AVAX, CRO that provide additional yield up to 600% to liquidity providers.

All services are available via website which is done as chain-agnostic dapp.

LA native staking

Ladex farms content pools with LA token. LA is a native token of Lachain L0/L1 network and Latoken exchange. Lachain opens a gateway to WEB3 allowing seamless access to a multitude of decentralized finance products across major L1 blockchains. LA is a medium for cross-chain swaps and gas across all chains:

  • LA is a gas and staking base currency for multichain yield market
  • Interchange medium for cross-chain AMMs liquidity pools
  • LA token to pay for all multichain gas fees
  • LA is a gas for on-chain validation of bridge transactions.
  • Gas token for Lachain
  • Validator staking reward token

Ladex farms enable users with the opportunity to use native staking and be on the edge of yield farming revolution! It is the first ever omnichain native staking! 

Now users can stake from any chain to Ladex farms via LACHAIN. 

LACHAIN launched a huge incentive program for early adopters. Farms with hundreds percent of APY are available for providing liquidity from any chain into it! LA native staking provides the highest yield across LACHAIN and one of the highest across the whole DeFi market. 

Explore Ladex farms


LACHAIN is a gateway to the Web3 future for the masses. It is easy to launch or manage assets and protocols across chains with L0 and bridges secured by L1 on-chain validation for DeFi, NFTs, Metas and Games. LACHAIN simplifies your journey into the cryptoworld by resolving the most common headaches of users across chains including the complicated process of paying for gas, lack of interoperability between chains, liquidity fragmentation and ineffective cross-chain yield management.

LACHAIN is definitely a promising project which will continue implementing new revolutionary and game-changing solutions for the blockchain industry and bring further value to the Web3 multiverse.

For inquiries contact:

Alexander Kotin, PM LACHAIN


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