Eddie Sitt Announces New Treatment Options for Dry Eye  

Eddie Sitt

Dry eyes can have a significant impact on someone’s overall quality of life. It is important for the eyes to moisten themselves regularly, as this liquid is important for ensuring optimal eye function. Now, Wizard Research Laboratories, led by Eddie Sitt, is proud to announce a new treatment option for dry eyes. With countless people around the world suffering from this condition, it is important to research new treatment options, and Wizard Research has a new electric heated dry eye mask that can be beneficial for everyone who suffers from this condition.

The Most Common Causes of Dry Eyes

There are a number of common reasons why someone may suffer from dry eyes. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Aging: This is a condition that becomes more common as people get older. Dry eyes are more common in people who are older than in people who are younger.
  • Medical Conditions: There are a number of medical conditions that could cause someone to develop dry eyes as well. Some of the most common conditions that lead to dry eyes include Scleroderma, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, and Sjogren’s syndrome. All of these conditions are autoimmune conditions where the body’s immune system gets sidetracked and starts to attack itself.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Someone who develops a nutritional deficiency is also at risk of developing dry eyes. Specifically, vitamin A deficiency can cause the eyes to stop working properly, and this could lead to dry eye syndrome.
  • Thyroid Issues: Disorders involving the thyroid gland can also cause someone to develop dry eyes.
  • The Weather: Someone who spends a lot of time in a dry climate is more likely to develop dry eyes when compared to someone who spends more time in a humid climate.

It is critical for anyone who is suffering from dry eyes to reach out to an ophthalmologist who can help them.

Current Treatment Options That Might Be Recommended by an Optometrist

Prior to the new development by Wizard Research Laboratories and Eddie Sitt, eye doctors would recommend a variety of treatment options for people who suffer from dry eyes. For example, artificial tears remain one of the most popular treatment options. These are external drops that someone can place in their eyes to moisten them temporarily, but they are not a permanent treatment option. There are other situations where someone may benefit from a surgical procedure to open up the tear ducts, but surgery can lead to complications and side effects. It is critical for people to talk with an eye doctor about their treatment options, but a new electric heated dry eye mask from Wizard Research could prove to be the new gold standard.

Clinical Trial Shows the Effectiveness of New Electric Heated Dry Eye Mask

Recently, Eddie Sitt and Wizard Research Laboratories conducted a detailed clinical trial showcasing the effectiveness of the new electric heated dry eye mask. The research team identified 1,000 patients who had a history of suffering from dry eyes. Then, the patients were instructed to use the electric heated dry eye mask for a preset length of time.

The results of the clinical trial showed that more than 99.6 of all participants reported a significant improvement in their dry eyes. Furthermore, more than 77.3 percent of patients indicated a dramatic improvement in their overall quality of life. In addition, more than 37 percent of patients who previously reported using eye drops and artificial tears to treat their condition indicated that they could stop using them.

Without a doubt, the new electric heated dry eye mask has the potential to disrupt the entire industry that focuses on the development of dry eye treatment options. Already, the team from Wizard Research is in discussions with three major health insurance companies to reduce the cost of the electric heated dry eye mask. These insurance companies have indicated that they may begin to cover the dry eye mask as early as 2024.

Furthermore, Wizard Research is setting up a large network including optometrists, ophthalmologists, and retail chains to get this new electric heated dry eye mask into the hands of patients who need it as quickly as possible. This is a product that has the potential to help countless patients all over the world.

About Wizard Research Laboratories

Wizard Research Laboratories is led by Eddie Sitt and focuses on the research and development of novel healthcare products that address medical concerns and improve people’s quality of life. Wizard Research is located at One World Trade Center in New York City, New York 10007. 

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