eCredits (ECS) is Now Available For Purchase on 

Cryptocurrency exchange has listed ECS, the native token of the eCredits platform. With the listing completed on November 29, the platform’s customers can now deposit and purchase the ECS token in just a few clicks.

Existing users can easily convert their funds to ECS on the sales page. The ECS token is open for trading with Bitcoin (BTC) and Euro (EUR) pairs. users will need to register on the exchange and make a deposit using their bank cards first.

With ease of use among its advantages, fosters flawless onboarding of new users. The platform’s customers can access 60 trading pairs, all featuring some of the most advantageous assets.

The digital currency ecosystem has witnessed a lot of mishaps this year, compounded by the collapse of FTX. For what it’s worth, investors now understand that all that glitters is not gold and are very cautious with their investment approaches in both the short and long run. 

This is why has strived to maintain high standards in its business operations, a trend that has become quite apparent in its recent listings. Maintaining trust in its ecosystem has earned it a dedicated user count of up to 2 million people from 170 countries. The platform currently hosts over 24,000 active daily traders and has a $200 million daily trading volume.

Founded in 2014, the platform has solidified its base not just as one of the world’s oldest digital currency trading outfits but as one of the most secure. The crypto exchange comes off as one of the few in the space with enough reserve to compensate all its users’ losses in case of a hack.

Justifying the eCredits Listing

While is quite picky in its choice of projects to list for trading, eCredits checks the box in all terms of the key requirements of the exchange.

As a hub where merchants and buyers connect, eCredits utilizes its ECS coin as the principal payment currency. Consumers pay in ECS, and the merchants receive payment in the token with the possibility to convert it to fiat based on their preferences. 

With over 1,000 merchants currently utilizing the eCredits platform, users can easily find their preferred dealer for any goods or services hosted. Participating in the eCredits ecosystem generates a ton of value in the form of a reward system for all users. eCredits pays users for being active on the app and purchasing on the platform.

The platform offers eActivity rewards for frequent in-app actions while incentivizing shoppers through the eCashback model. eCredits made its debut with an enormous focus on the user interface, ease of integration, and data security for all of its ecosystem stakeholders. As a blockchain-based outfit, it uses advanced crypto to safeguard sensitive data, and with smart contracts, transactions are settled in a simple but efficient manner.

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