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Modern challenges require modern solutions. And this applies to investments. Investors who have recently come to the market do not want to invest in gold and wait 30 years to get a 50% return.

The cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more popular and is catching up with the stock market in terms of the number of investors. But there is one factor on which the crypto market has long been ahead. Profitability.

The average annual return on investment in bitcoin over the past ten years is ten times that of the NASDAQ 100 index. It is about 230% every year. It is more attractive for modern users who invest in assets using a smartphone app rather than an order register. Therefore, they look for universal methods that combine mining, buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

And most recently, ECOS introduced such a platform – ECOS DeFi. This article will look at what products it combines in itself and how with its help, you can get up to 230% profitability annually.

Ecos DeFi Platform

Ecos DeFi Platform (EDFP) is a crypto ecosystem with nine digital asset products and tools. The main task that the company sets itself is to provide each user with simple, safe, reliable, and profitable tools for managing digital assets and making a profit.

The structure of Ecos Defi Platform products includes such services as:

  • ECOS Mining
  • ECOS Wallet
  • ECOS Exchange
  • ECOS Dual Savings
  • ECOS Staking
  • ECOS Fixed Income Portfolio (ECOS FIP)
  • ECOS Portfolio
  • ECOS Pay
  • ECOS Academy

ECOS Mining

ECOS Mining is a service that provides investors with the opportunity to rent real capacities of Bitcoin mining equipment. The advantages of ECOS Mining are minimal commissions for service operations, low cost of electricity and the absence of any taxes since ECOS Defi Platform is a resident of the Free Economic Zone with special preferential terms.

Cloud mining from Ecos is more attractive than independent mining due to its lower entry threshold and faster ROI. To receive passive income, you just need to download the ECOS DeFi Platform application or register on the site and buy a mining contract. Ecos takes care of the rest.

Instructions for mining bitcoins in ECOS:

  1. Register by entering your email and phone number;
  2. Select a contract;
  3. Pay for it using a bank card, BTC, ETH, LTС, or XRP;
  4. Track the mining process of your bitcoins in the dashboard. You will see your balance, the number of bitcoins mined that day, and profit statistics;
  5. Withdraw funds by going to “Settings”, subsection “Wallets and Withdrawals”. Enter your wallet address and withdrawal amount. Next, you need to choose the transaction speed, depending on which the bitcoin network will take its commission for the transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.

You can do this either on the website or in the app. Other services are also available in the application, which we will discuss below. ECOS DeFi Wallet available in Google Play and App Store

ECOS Wallet

ECOS Wallet allows you to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrencies, and collect NFTs in one place. To use it, you just need to download the application to your smartphone and create a new wallet. After that, you can already send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of ECOS Wallet:

  • Buying cryptocurrency in 1 minute directly from the card
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Protecting assets from hackers and fraudsters
  • Tool for buying a mining contract

ECOS Exchange

ECOS Exchange is a digital asset exchange tool with no hidden fees. It is integrated into ECOS Wallet and allows you to instantly, safely and profitably exchange over 200 cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market is cyclical and when bitcoin falls, it is more profitable to invest in growing altcoins. And when the altcoin chart goes down, investors buy the main cryptocurrency. But why buy and sell assets when they can simply be exchanged in one place?

Moreover, if all you need to do is go to the Exchange section in ECOS Wallet, select the coin you want to exchange, the coin you want to receive, and click “Exchange”! ECOS Exchange will help you instantly get the required cryptocurrency into your balance.

ECOS Dual Savings

ECOS Dual Savings is a way to generate passive income using dual-currency deposits. Its main advantage is the ability to make a profit regardless of the direction in which the market is moving. Sounds good, but how does it work?

Let’s say you have 1 BTC at $ 55,000, and you sign up for a 30-day Dual Savings product with a 2% yield. The strike price is set at $57,000. After 30 days, two cases are possible:

  • If BTC is higher than $57,000, your 1 BTC is converted to 57,000 USDT and you get 2% for 1,140 USDT. You now have 58,140 USDT.
  • If BTC is below $57,000, you get 1 BTC back and 2% at 0.02 BTC. You now have 1.02 BTC.

Dual currency deposits allow you to deposit cryptocurrency and generate income based on cryptocurrency pairs. You invest in crypto assets, fix your income, but you earn more if their value increases.

The higher the strike price and the shorter the period, the lower the yield. The lower the strike price and the longer the period, the higher the yield.

ECOS Staking

ECOS Staking is the process of holding funds in a wallet to receive a reward. This tool makes it possible to get predicted income as simply as possible. There is no need to conduct transactions or perform other complex tasks. With the same level of risk, users can get the highest possible profit.

How does it work, and where does the reward come from? Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies work thanks to their holders. As a reward for supporting the network, holders receive additional coins.

Staking is similar to bank deposits. You “freeze” your capital and later receive your contribution with interest. Staking is possible for 15, 30, 60, and 90 days. Income can be from 2% to 75% and in some cases up to 90%.

Staking can be locked or flexible. With locked staking, funds withdrawal and trading are not possible during the blocking period. An alternative is flexible staking, in which it is possible to withdraw assets at any time, but because of this, the income level will be lower.

ECOS Portfolio

ECOS Portfolio is a tool for investing in digital asset portfolios. Ecos offers portfolios with different risk-reward ratios. Any user with or without experience will be able to find a portfolio that suits their requirements.

The formation of a portfolio of cryptocurrency assets is the first step in investing; success and the amount of income depend on it. It defines all the parameters and conditions for investing funds. Building a portfolio without prior preparation is an extremely complex process. Without knowing what a cryptocurrency portfolio is and how it works, it is impossible to select assets and make a big profit correctly.

Therefore, Ecos’ analysts have formed a number of portfolios based on different investor profiles. Among them, there are high-risk (yield from 50% per annum in USD), medium-risk (25-40% per annum in USD), and conservative (15-30% per annum in USD).

To invest in one of the portfolios, you only need:

  • Download Ecos Defi Platform app
  • Register and log in
  • Go to the Portfolio section
  • Select risk level
  • Choose a portfolio suitable for this level of risk or form your portfolio using a special calculator
  • Buy the selected portfolio and observe the dynamics of its value

ECOS Fixed Income Portfolio (FIP)

ECOS Fixed Income Portfolio (FIP) is a tool for generating permanent fixed income. It is a portfolio formed from all ECOS DeFi Platform investment products. It includes products such as Dual Savings, Staking, Mining, and Portfolio.

By forming a FIP for himself, the user gets the opportunity to maximize his income and minimize risks. Ecos’ analysts are constantly rebalancing this portfolio, redistributing shares between cryptocurrencies and between products.

For example, if the income from mining and any portfolio is higher, then the portfolio will be rebalanced towards an increase in their share. The investment horizon in Fixed Income Portfolio is much farther than in traditional cryptocurrency portfolios and can exceed 3-5 years.


ECOS Pay is a payment debit card for everyday use along with traditional means of payment. Thanks to it, the user can pay with digital currency for any goods and services.

ECOS Pay provides users with the following options:

  • Payment for any purchases and services using the terminal
  • Payment for online purchases
  • Connect to Google and Apple Pay
  • Top-up via ECOS Wallet
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs

To use an ECOS Pay debit card, you need to take five simple steps:

  1. Create ECOS Wallet account
  2. Choose a card type and a suitable tariff
  3. Fill in the required data
  4. Verify and get a card
  5. Activate card

ECOS Academy

ECOS Academy is the educational part of the ECOS DeFi Platform. The company is developing the ecosystem of digital assets in various directions. The Academy will become a guide and gradually introduce newcomers to the cryptosphere to the key ideas of DeFi, DAO, and other important elements of the cryptocurrency economy.

But, like other ECOS DeFi Platform products, the Academy allows you to earn money! How to make money on training? It’s simple, users take courses in crypto-economics, receive knowledge, experience, and rewards from Ecos, which can be invested in ECOS DeFi Platform products and multiply their investments! It is a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by studying it.


Ecos DeFi Platform is an ecosystem that has incorporated all the current products of the cryptosphere. Thanks to it, users can learn the basics of investing in digital assets, mine them, buy, sell and receive passive income.

The platform is increasingly integrating cryptocurrencies into real life, allowing customers to pay for purchases using cryptocurrencies and spreading knowledge about the new digital economy, thereby further increasing the value of coins.

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