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Ecocampor – Enhancing Your Road Trips Experience


Imagine how much healthier, happier, and less stressed we would be in our lives if we knew when to stop and slow down. We all need a break from reality once in a while. Taking time to de-stress and relax improves not just our memory, and brain function, but also our mood as a whole. Taking a well-deserved break from our hectic work schedule would help us in a million different ways and lead to better health, less stress, and improved overall quality of life. Traveling is one of the best ways to calm and repair our minds and bodies. We can either fly to a chosen destination or go on a road trip, it depends on our budget and the duration of our vacation. However, nowadays people prefer road trips more as they are less costly than airfares. Road trips not only save us money but also allows us to spend quality time with our loved ones.

When we are planning a road trip, the first thing we need is a well-equipped recreational vehicle. Ideally, an RV because it gives us the added benefit of comfort throughout the journey. When we are travelling by an RV, our journey becomes more comfortable and peaceful. An RV is like a home away from home, where we can enjoy our hobbies such as TV, gaming, music, and reading along with sightseeing and roadside dining. One such company manufacturing high-quality RVs to make our road trips more enjoyable and comfortable is Ecocampor. Ecocampor is also known as the Guangdong Ecocampor Vehicle Co. Ltd. It is an RVs and boat manufacturing company based in China and is known for manufacturing caravans, truck campers, pontoon boats, camper trailers, fishing boats, speed boats, and camping accessories. 

Raymond Wu laid the foundation of Ecocampor in 2008 by investing thirty million RMB. A year later he rented a building in Foshan City, China to start the operations of his business. In 2011, the first expansion of Ecocampor took place. The expansion was made possible through an investment deal of $150 million, which was used to acquire 60,000 square meters of land for production in the Guangdong Province of China. After the expansion, the company started to manufacture a variety of products such as RVs, toy haulers, truck campers, and off-road trailers in 2013. In 2015, Chinese RV Manufacturing was founded by Wu. The headquarters of the company was shifted to Foshan, Guangdong Province, China in 2019.

Companies like Ecocampor have made road trips and camping more convenient by manufacturing RVs with the latest technology and features. When we are traveling in an RV, we have full control of our schedule and have an opportunity to explore nature in depth. It enables us to spend more time with our family and create memories that we will cherish forever. Travelling is beneficial for our mental and physical health, but the mode of traveling is equally important.  It’s the journey that matters more than the destination so make sure you make the right choice when it comes to picking your traveling vehicle.

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