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What is the cost of a house cleaning service?

Expect to spend between €31 and €41 per hour for cleaning services in Dublin. A property of 181 square metres with two bedrooms and one bathroom may cost around €241.

Prices vary based on your location and the extras you elect to purchase.

Some house cleaners in Dublin charge by the hour. Others provide set fees for services that may require additional time to finish. For example, end-of-lease cleaning may cost renters around €251 (for a two-bedroom unit).

Paying for a maid service allows you to devote more time to leisure and other pursuits. To better manage your budget, you should be aware of how much professional cleaners charge and for what sorts of cleaning chores prices may vary.

Cost of house cleaning services

  • $99.50 to $169.99 for apartment cleaning
  • ranging between €61 and €211 for carpet cleaning
  • Ceiling Cleaning €51-€211
  • €121 to €711 for Move-Out Cleaning
  • $31 to $121 for floor maintenance
  • Cleaning a Refrigerator €21-€51
  • Transfer Cleaning €121-711
  • €31 to $111 for Rangehood Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning ranges from €71 to €431
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning €111 to €251

What does the house cleaning service include?

General house cleaning is a basic service provided by professional cleaners. Typical home cleaning services include the following:

  • Cabinet doors, furniture, and decorations should be dusted.
  • I vacuum carpets, furniture, and chairs.
  • making beds
  • Cleaning countertops and vanities
  • mopping floors.
  • Window and mirror washing

House Cleaning Service Hourly Rate

Most house cleaners charge between €31 and €41 per hour. Prices for professional house cleaning vary dependent on demand and other considerations. Here is a list of typical hourly cleaning charges in Dublin.

Multiply the number of hours spent cleaning by the hourly rate of cleaners in your state to determine the labour cost.

Other house cleaners provide set pricing. Eco Clean Solutions will assist you in obtaining three free estimates from local cleaners for realistic pricing.

What factors influence the cost of house cleaning?

There are a variety of factors that affect the price of professional house cleaning.

1. Size of your dwelling

The amount you will be charged is significantly influenced by the size of your home. Depending on the circumstances, some housekeepers calculate their charges by room or square metre.

For instance, cleaning a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom might take up to three hours. Due to the greater number of rooms to clean, homeowners with a two-story home incur a higher cost.

Clarify the payment conditions during the employment process to describe the projected expenses.

2. Situating

Employing a professional cleaner from outside your area may involve additional expenses. Expect to pay additional costs for travel and service calls.

Consider where your potential house cleaning does business to avoid paying extra.

3. Work extent

Specify the scope of the house cleaning services you want. Typically, cleaners charge set rates for popular locations (e.g., rooms, etc).

Certain residences may have added (e.g., polished handrails) or difficult-to-access sections that require additional fees. Both parties must have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with extra services.

Special demands, such as carpet cleaning, trash collection, and roof cleaning, have an effect on the cost of your services. For example, carpet cleaning for a studio apartment might cost between €31 and €51 per room.

There may be additional fees if you have pets at home. Confirm if tough or non-standard cleaning tasks incur additional fees.

4. Cleaning schedule

The level of cleanliness of your home also affects the projected house cleaning costs. Many maid services provide savings to homeowners who require weekly, biweekly, or monthly care.

Regular house cleaning reduces the difficulty of the work, which may result in a reduced cost.

The Price of House Cleaning Services and Extras

Home cleaners offer both regular and personalised pricing lists to accommodate your particular demands. The following factors might assist you in estimating the cost of a house cleaning service:

  • The entire area per square metre that must be cleaned.
  • Count of storeys (e.g. single, double)
  • The amount of living spaces
  • Bedrooms available
  • Quantity of restrooms
  • The square metres of your kitchen.

Monthly cleaning expenses for 181 m2 single-story residences are approximately:

  • A property with two bedrooms and one bathroom costs €241.
  • A property with two bedrooms and two baths costs €265.
  • A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home costs €311.

For 181m2 two-story residences, monthly cleaning expenses are approximately:

  • Two bedrooms and one bathroom for €281.
  • Three hundred fifteen dollars for two bedrooms and two baths
  • The $351 residence includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The pricing shown above are subject to change based on the extent of service and frequency of cleaning.

A house cleaning calculator might be helpful for estimating costs. Eco Clean Solutions can assist you in obtaining up to three free estimates from local Dublin house cleaners from Cleaning Companies and other Dublin locations.

Other fees will apply for cleaning additional rooms (e.g., laundry room, playroom). Here are a few additions you may require:

Window cleaning

Expect to pay around €11 per window pane (the average price). Estimated hourly fees range from €31 to €45.

To determine window cleaning costs, multiply the number of window panes in your home by the average price, which is €11. This involves basic wiping, scrubbing the outer frame, and washing the interior and external window panes.

Oven cleaning

On average, cleaning an oven costs between €111 and €211.

Extensive oven cleaning includes, among other things, degreasing the internal and external components, soaking the oven rack, and polishing the outside handles and glass. The cost of your oven is determined by its size.

Roof washing

Roof cleaners charge between €41 and €81 per hour, depending on the kind and condition of the roof.

Mold and other debris are eliminated when cleaning the roof. Utilizing home and commercial cleaning solutions may increase the price of the product.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning services are priced from €91 to €355 by cleaning companies.

The price depends on the size of your property, the difficulty of the task, and the number of rooms to be cleaned.

As with any other aspect of your job, you should clearly describe your scope and criteria to ensure that the cleaners understand what you expect of them and the amount you are willing to spend.

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