Easy Ways To Screen Record & Screenshot On Computer

Screen Record & Screenshot

Recording a video must be a hard task but in the 19’s. Yes, you heard me right, you must be struggling while finding the right recording tool for you, but have you ever thought about what if you can record both screen and camera at the same time? It is possible and it will definitely affect your video recording quality because interaction is the main key to success whether you want to record that video for, maybe YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or for your students. The purpose can be anything but the intention is always the same that you should get the best quality in the lowest size possible. You might have tried other screen recorders and I know they would have definitely taken a lot of your space because of the high processing encoding but we have got a screen record tool extension that can record your video in the best quality possible with the minimum file size possible. Its encoding format is .mp4 which compresses the video and makes it stable and compact.

Why is it necessary to use the Screen Recorder?

Well here comes the question is that why actually should you use the screen record tool browser extension? Here is your answer. First of all, it will allow you to record either your screen record separately, or you can record your webcam separately or the third option is that you can record both of them together. While talking about all of the options they give, you can also choose if you wish to record the sound or not. Other than that the video will be saved to your download folder (actually you will get a popup asking where you want to save the video), and the video format will be .mp4 which is a good format for high-quality video with maximum compression and stability. You will definitely not find any audio and video delay while in other video extensions there is a delay between the audio and the video.

The features that are supported are listed below:

  • Basics of Using a Webcam Recorder for Screen Recording
  • Webcam and screen recorder (With Picture in Picture Display)
  • There’s a built-in audio recorder.

Each of them will have an option to record audio. This screen recorder utility is offered for free for a limited time.

For the time being, you can record from your screen, webcam, or both.

There is no watermark, and you have unlimited time to capture your screen.

You can download the obtained video in.mp4 format right now.

Steps to record video using Screen record tool:

  • Install the Screen recorder from Google Chrome Webstore.
  • After the extension has been installed, open whatever you want to record. Now click on the extension’s logo and select screen & webcam recorder.
  • They will present you with three possibilities in a new window. You can choose any of the options. Choose an option that suits you.
  • Now a new popup window will appear, you have to click on that play button in order to start recording your display (and to mention that there will be some notification at the bottom of the screen showing extension is sharing your screen don’t worry it’s the screen record tool extension and this notification won’t be shown in your recorded video)
  • After your recording is done, just click on the stop button (you can also pause the recording if you want to)
  • Now they will show you the preview of the video that you just recorded. Just click on the download button in order to download that video to your PC or laptop.
  • Choose any location where you want to save that video.

How to Screenshot On a Computer?

It’s amazing to be able to save anything you see on the internet that instantly connects with you, references to a recent experience, and/or makes you feel almost entitled to share with your friends and family for a hearty laugh or a lively debate. It’s much easier to catch this on your phone because it’s simply a button push or a screen swipe away.

There are several ways to screengrab content from a PC or laptop, which is not as simple as collecting content from a phone (i.e. if your PC doesn’t have an extension loaded like ours) but is easier than prior PCs. I’m not going to show you how to take a screenshot on a computer.

Downloading a screenshot chrome extension, such as the one we’ve given, is a simple way to capture screenshots in addition to the ways indicated above. With just one click, you may take screenshots of the entire homepage, visible area, or client section. On a PC or laptop, it’s the easiest way to capture a screen.

After you save the screenshot, it is now immediately stored on your desktop. Create a folder first, then open the terminal app and paste the following: defaults Specify the location of the apple. screen capture. Once you’ve completed, drag the relevant snapshot folder to the terminal program and press enter. You can also change the file format in which the screenshot is saved using the same terminal app location mentioned above.

Installing the screenshotting full-page tool extension, which allows you to capture displays in a variety of methods, is another simple option to capture your screen.

The default way to screenshot on PC:

Snipping Tool – The Windows snipping tool, often known as snip n sketch, is software that comes pre-installed on Windows PCs. This tool can let you capture a consumer area or a visible area on your screen. Drag until you reach the section you want to preserve, then save the clip.

Find and hit the Print Scan key on your keyboard. This button, which stands for “Print Screen,” copies a screenshot of your desktop to your clipboard. This is the same as right-clicking on a picture and choosing a copy from the context menu. The button is normally located directly above “Backspace” in the upper-right corner of your keyboard.

Downloading a screenshot chrome extension, such as the one we’ve given, is a simple way to capture screenshots in addition to the ways indicated above. With just one click, you may take screenshots of the entire homepage, visible area, or client section. On a PC or laptop, it’s the easiest way to capture a screen.

Drawbacks of using default Screenshot methods:

Taking screenshots is just a normal thing in our day to day life, and most people don’t even realise that the way they take screenshots isn’t reliable way and there is a much better option they can choose but, due to new generations coming people have become lazy to search for alternate options well now you don’t have to because we already did that for you. When you take screenshots with your device Windows or Mac you are restricted with several options like you can’t get to choose what format you want to save the screenshot in, or what should be the quality of the screenshot. It just adjusts everything to a default point. Also, you won’t be able to take screenshots like whole page screenshots, scrolling screenshots, saving screenshots to pdf, jpg etc.

If I’m going to discuss disadvantages then this blog is never going to end, but we aren’t here to tell you what are the disadvantages but we are here to show you the tool that you should use instead of the default screenshotting tool.

GoScreenshotting – Screenshot Extension

The Go screenshotting browser extension lets its user capture his screen freely. There is no limit to taking screenshots of your screen with the help of the Screenshot Chrome extension ( , yes you heard me right, they provide three options for you to choose from. Either you can simply take a screenshot of your visible screen like everyone does with the help of visible area in the extension, the second one is the full page screenshot also known as scrolling screenshot, for taking it you have to open the page you want to take full screenshot of and then to open the extension in the same page and click on that option, the page will be scrolled automatically by the extension and it will capture all of the pages in just one screenshot, the size might be increased a little bit but it’s better than taking a lot of screenshots. A third option is a handy option that you will definitely love, and it is the specific area option. With the help of this option, you can just take a screenshot of something that you want in particular ignoring the other useless stuff. E.g you want to capture the answer to a question so just choose the specific area option and crop the screen to your answer and click save. And it’s really the easiest way to take a screenshot if you will ask us. We will always prefer you to install the Chrome screenshot extension as we respect your time, we will always try our best to give you the best. The extension will be visible all the time in your extension area so whenever you want to take a screenshot just click on it and done.

Steps to take Screenshot Using GoScreenshotting:-

  • First of all, goto google web browser and search for chrome extensions
  • Now click on the first visible website link
  • Now here search for Go screenshotting extension
  • Click on install and it will start to download the extension and will install it automatically
  • Wait till everything is done
  • After the extension will be added to the browser, go to your preferred website which you want to take a screenshot of
  • Now after you have opened that website, click on the extensions logo and choose your Go screenshotting extension
  • They will show you three different options but you need to choose the option that you want
  • After choosing the option, complete the taking screenshot process
  • After the check, if your screenshot is good, follow me
  • Now you will be given a few more options, you can either edit the screenshot or save the screenshot in JPG format or PDF format.
  • The default location for the screenshot will be in your downloads folder, but they will still ask you where you want to save that screenshot.

It might take some time for the processing of the screenshot, and to mention if the web page is extremely large then it might split the screenshot into more screenshots because if it will continue adding more height to the screenshot it will just crash and will fail to process further. 


Talking about both the options first the screenshot extension, in case you need to take a screenshot you have to use the Go screenshotting browser extension in preference to the usage of the default snipping or screenshot taking the manner of Windows or Mac. Well, it’s now no longer tough to install this extension as already cited the way to do that, so that you have to be accurate to go together with that already. And the Screen recorder extension, you would need to record your screen well if the reason is this or that. So we will always prefer you to checkout the screen record tool browser extension to do that because of course, you don’t want to install a complicated and low-quality video recorder that will at the end of the day just waste your time. Also, the screen record tool lets its users record the video in HD quality while you don’t even have to pay a penny to the developer.

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