Easy To Use Tech Tools for Research Students

tech tools for Research Students

There exist plenty of online research tools that can help to increase the academic content of the enterprising student. Here it is pertinent to note that one of the single biggest responsibilities of any teacher is to aid and help equip their students with the right technology tools. Especially tools that they would be able to put into productive use in everyday life. The content of any curriculum is of course very important, but mere information is not good enough.  After all, basic information is easily accessible, to everyone who wants to look for it.  

Why do students need tech tools?

This is why it is far more important to ensure that they have the right research skills that can enable them to think critically and develop the ability to offer a critical analysis of problems.  Since young students are considered very hard to engage, it is important to involve them in a manner they will understand properly. In today’s high-tech world, traditionalism is out, while online is in. If used properly, such tools can help them grasp concepts far better than if they were to jot down as notes from a lecture. 

These are especially helpful for medical students who need to tackle challenging exams, such as the NCLEX RN or the PANCE exam. With the help of tech tools, they will be able to ace their exams with no trouble. There are students of different fields, like language students who might need to finish internships in translation. To make an optimal experience out of this, they will need simultaneous translation equipment and their theoretical knowledge acquired at college.

Let us check for ourselves, some of the more important tools you can use to help your student conduct their research: 


It is not easy for many young students to try and work as a team on most research projects. Most young people have a lot of stuff going on in their lives. Sometimes, it is difficult to work on a term project while one is otherwise preoccupied. This is the part where Producteev comes into the picture. This is a fairly simple and effective task managing software (TMS) that can actively aid your students in connecting and working remotely together.  In fact, it is not just students alone, but also many large-scale companies that also use this and other team collaborative tools of a similar nature, to get the job done. This platform provides a good opportunity for students to learn teamwork while sitting at home during the pandemic.

Google Forms

This is also a great way to engage students both in and out of the classroom. It is also one of the best ways of giving students safe and easy (and sometimes even anonymous) ways to receive feedback, ask questions, or otherwise reach out to the teacher. While there are many ways to do this, one of the best digital tech tools for the job at hand is the near-universally accessible Google Forms.

Google Docs 

When it comes to sharing resources with your colleagues, especially if you want to send files to them, you should consider using the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Google Docs. This highly accessible tool can allow collaboration amongst multiple colleagues working on even very complex projects. As a matter of fact, Google’s online collaborative tool can make even the hardest tasks easy by ensuring that everyone knows their allocated assignments, which they can send as files via Google Docs links. If you want to make sure that you stay private while sharing these files, residential proxies are the best solution for it. 


If it is the end of term and you would rather be studying than working on projects, it is time to seek a little professional help. This highly useful online tool is a good way to help you to find excellent resource material for all of your class projects. Here, Edugeeksclub can help you in taking care of the various advanced stages of the student project research process. This can include research of quality materials as well as any sort of related literature on the topic at hand. It will also help ease you into the complex and actual research process. Here, the important thing is to know just how well you can use these resources in order to create a very strong and compelling argument for your project. Moreover, you can also use this tool for research once you are over and done with your student life.


There are plenty of amazing online collaborative and tech-based research tools that can help students and make their assignments and term projects both easy and fun. Tools such as Google Docs, Edugeeksclub, Producteev, Google Forms, and the rest are amazing ways to learn online collaboration for a large number of tasks. 

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