Easy Blink Optometry: Premium Pediatric Optometrist Calgary Services


Easy Blink Optometry in Calgary, Canada, offers affordable yet high-quality eye care services under their pediatric optometry department.

Easy Blink Optometry: Premium Pediatric Optometrist Calgary Services

Pediatric optometrists are qualified eye doctors who specialize in treating eye conditions of children. These doctors offer services that help diagnose children’s minor to significant eye problems.

In Canada, pediatric optometry care is relatively less available. But Easy Blink Optometry in Calgary offers top-rated pediatric optometrist Calgary services. The clinic has in-house pediatric optometrists who possess significant experience and expertise in the field.

Pediatric Optometry: Importance

Providing good care to children’s eyesight is essential to avoid developing severe eye problems. Eyesight issues can also cause children to underperform at school and out-of-school activities. Above all, poor eyesight can also cause safety issues for children.

Due to multiple implications, it is crucial to get the best eye care for children whenever necessary. Pediatric optometry specializes in the treatment of children’s eye conditions. Access to a reputed pediatric optometrist can give the children timely medical attention whenever required.

Easy Blink Optometry

Easy Blink is a reputed eye care clinic in Calgary, Canada. The Easy Blink team comprises qualified optometrists specializing in various optometry nuances. Some of the popular services available at Easy Blink are as follows.

  • Vision therapy
  • Cataract management
  • Myopia management
  • Dry eye management
  • Ocular disease care
  • Laser vision consults
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Pediatric optometry

Easy Blink Pediatric Optometry

The Easy Blink pediatric optometry team is headed by the leading optometrist, Dr. Connor West. He possesses a Doctorate of Optometry from the prestigious University of Waterloo. Dr. West specializes in pediatric optometry. He overlooks all pediatric appointments that happen at Easy Blink clinic.


Under the pediatric optometry category, children receive all eye care services. Some of the most common conditions for which the clinic offers permanent solutions are as follows.

  • Visual acuity
  • Farsightedness
  • Nearsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Eye alignment issues

Children receive essential eye care, emergency care, and vision therapy sessions at Easy Blink’s pediatric wing.


The clinic has a mandatory eye examination for every child patient that arrives. The eye examination is helpful for doctors in figuring out the exact condition of the child’s eye.

The child’s parents are expected to make an appointment for the child through the clinic’s official website. On the first eye examination, the pediatric optometrists analyze and assess the health of the child’s eyes and make the correct diagnoses.

After the diagnosis, the optometrist suggests a personalized treatment plan with a complete estimate of the treatment. After careful consideration, the parents can or cannot agree to the proposed treatment plan.

On finalizing the treatment plan, the pediatric optometrists at Easy Blink will start the treatments and procedures.

Vision therapy services are also available for children at Easy Blink Clinic. Considering the condition of the child’s eyes, the cost and duration of all treatments can vary.

Easy Blink Optometry in Calgary excels in pediatric optometry, crucial for safeguarding children’s eyesight. Led by Dr. Connor West, the team addresses various conditions, including visual acuity and eye alignment. Services span emergency care, vision therapy, and personalized treatment plans following comprehensive eye examinations. With a focus on pediatric eye health, Easy Blink ensures children receive expert care, enhancing their overall well-being and performance in academic and extracurricular activities.




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