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East Coast Electronics Recycling Shares the Types of Electronics That Can Be Recycled


The electronics recycling industry came to fruition due to a need to move out obsolete devices, many of which can be large and take up valuable space. While desktop and laptop computers are among the most commonly recycled items, a broad range of electronic products can also be safely disposed of by electronics recycling firms like East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc) in Shirley, MA. From smartphones to small household appliances, electronics recycling firms can handle a wide variety of equipment.

ECER Inc explains why computer recycling is so important today along with a breakdown of the types of items that it can recycle safely.

Why E-Waste Recycling is So Important

In every country where developing technology is manufactured & sold, unrecycled e-waste is a growing problem. Many companies and individuals neglect their responsibility to dispose of their e-waste correctly, and it frequently ends up (often illegally) in landfills. Globally, only 17% of all e-waste is recycled.

Without proper recycling, e-waste items can both cause environmental damage as well as illness to humans & wildlife. The products contain toxins like lead and cadmium that can leach into the soil and groundwater. To reduce the risk of harm to our surroundings, e-waste should be recycled by a qualified computer recycling firm like ECER Inc.

Discarded computers contain metals that can be repurposed for use in new electronics. When metals are recycled, it helps to protect the environment by causing less destructive mining to occur.

In addition to the environmental and social responsibility of recycling e-waste, there are laws in 25 states and countless municipalities that require its proper disposal.

E-Waste Categories That Can Be Recycled

There are several types of items that can be recycled responsibly. Below is a comprehensive list of items that you should be recycling.

1. Computers

ECER Inc. was established as the Internet became a household staple, and specializes in desktop & laptop recycling. Besides the aforementioned environmental benefits of proper computer recycling, it should be noted that non-recycled devices may be subject to data theft. Business data can be highly sensitive from a financial standpoint and lead to crimes like identity theft. To prevent this problem, ECER Inc. performs US Department of Defense (DOD) standard wipes and/or physical destruction of all hard drives that enter their facility.

2. Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, GPS and others contain the same substances and metals as computers. And given that many have essentially become compact computers, it’s imperative to bring them to a facility like ECER Inc to have the data stored on them properly destroyed.

3. Computer Monitors & Televisions

It’s essential to recycle computer monitors & televisions because they frequently contain lead and other dangerous substances, so they should never be placed in landfills.

4. Displays

Touchscreen glass is useful & can be repurposed to manufacture new devices. If your company still has any old CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, these should be taken for recycling immediately since they contain hazardous substances.

5. Printers

Printers should be recycled because they contain many electronic and mechanical parts and have a variety of useful substances inside.

6. Audio and Video Equipment

Speakers, receivers, microphones, still cameras, video cameras, and other audio and video equipment are not always thought of as electronics, but for the reasons listed for other items, they can & should be recycled at an experienced e-waste recycling firm like ECER Inc.

7. Batteries

Batteries pose a unique hazard to the environment, especially lithium-ion batteries found in laptop computers, smartphones, and other devices. Batteries can release pollutants into the atmosphere if thrown in a landfill and even more so if they are burned in an incinerator.

8. Lamps

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, which is hazardous to public health and the environment. A credible e-waste recycler like ECER Inc. can process lamps in addition to all electronics.

9. Large and Small Household Appliances

A versatile electronics recycling firm such as ECER Inc. can handle anything with a cord or battery, including large and small appliances. It is vital to recycle this equipment no matter the size.

Recycling Benefits Everyone

Recycling computers and other electronics are beneficial in multiple ways. It allows for the repurposing of the metals, plastic & glass that are present in these devices, thereby reducing the need to mine for new resources. Proper recycling also greatly reduces the environmental & health impact that devices that are improperly disposed of can cause.

Computer recycling firms like ECER Inc. stand ready to help companies and individuals safely and affordably recycle their obsolete equipment. The company provides convenient pickup options for businesses and on-site e-waste containers for counties, municipalities & industrial parks that recycle a high volume of electronics.

For more about ECER Inc.’s services, please call (877) 537-9940 or visit them online for a no-obligation quote.

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