East Coast Dos And Don’ts For Company Vehicles

Over a hundred million people call the East Coast home, approximately 1 in 3 of all consumers across the country. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you might be entirely located in this region or at least have a presence. Cities and markets are packed pretty tightly here, so getting around in your company vehicles makes a lot of sense. You need to make sure all your employees know how to treat your cars in this part of the country, but you also should make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity for branding them with your company advertising.

The Dos

Most of the things everyone should do are common sense. Great vehicle branding guidelines can be found at Diggles Creative.

  • Do Care for the Vehicles: Know what the maintenance needs are for each vehicle and then keep up with them the best you can.
  • Do Keep the Graphics Simple: Just stick to the most pertinent information. You only have a few seconds of attention from viewers, so just convey what needs to be said.
  • Do Make Sure the Vehicle Is Insured: Business vehicle insurance covers more than personal auto insurance does, but it’s still a requirement for operating anything on public roads.
  • Do Use Fonts Readable From a Distance: The further away someone can read your vehicle signage, the more marketing you can get down on busy streets and in crowded areas.
  • Do Drive Responsibly: Responsible driving keeps employees, customers, and other drivers and passengers safe. It also saves money on insurance and liability issues. Responsible driving also prevents fuel inefficiency and needless vehicle maintenance.
  • Do Use Every Dimension: You might initially think about the sides of your vehicles for advertising, but the front and back matter, too.

Florida Is A Hot Market

The state of Florida is a hot market just by itself. That’s not a pun on the weather there, either, as the state usually has pretty mild temperatures most of the year. What is hot is the economy, as it’s one of the most populous states in the country. That’s why auto transport companies in Florida can help you ship cars in or out of the state. That can be useful if you’re looking to buy company vehicles or move them into the market so you can do business there.

The Don’ts

The dos show you the steps you should take, but there are also things you should avoid.

  • Don’t Use Flowery Fonts: Something that’s hard to read simply won’t get read by people who need to keep their focus on what they’re doing.
  • Don’t Get Messy: Letting trash pile up in a car is sloppy, lazy, and disrespectful. It creates morale issues for other employees, and it makes for a huge turnoff for clients and the public.
  • Don’t Neglect Window Decals: If they’re legal in your city or state, this is more advertising area you can put into use.
  • Don’t Let Employees Run Personal Errands: Personal uses put miles and wear and tear on cars that have nothing to do with business purposes. It can also mean an unprofessional look at places you have no control over. For that matter, accidents might mean serious liability issues that could have been otherwise avoided.
  • Don’t Go Overboard With Information or Graphics: You might want to list every service or product you offer, but you can’t. Stick to the basics.

Know Your Local Laws

The East Coast has dozens of states running from Florida up to Maine. Each of them has its own set of laws, and the many municipalities in them also have their own rules and regulations. Pay attention to them wherever you do business or register your vehicles. Doing things right can mean taking advantage of tax breaks and deductions that let you keep your overhead down and retain more of your revenue. Running afoul of government rules can mean taxes, fees, and penalties that you should just not have to pay.

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