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Easily Download Instagram Content with Qoob Stories.

Download Instagram Content

Instagram has become a favorite social media platform for most celebrities. It allows you to share videos and photos with the world. You can share live moments on this platform or even your live events. It’s an amazing marketing tool for those who love to market their business products or services on the web. The information you share economically reaches your target audience in a twinkle of an eye.

Other than sharing personal or business content, you also have a chance to view other people’s content in form of photos and videos. The drawback of this platform is that it’s only available online. This means that you won’t them offline unless you find a way to download Instagram photo and video on your Pc or phone.

Thanks to Qoob Stories which enables you to download videos, photos, and stories from Instagram. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Although tens of software and applications will promise to download such content from social platforms, most of them are ineffective. Qoob Stories is the most reliable of such tools. Unlike most Instagram content downloading applications, Qoob Stories isn’t limited to downloading your profile’s photos and videos. It also allows you to access other people’s stories without their consent and save their uploaded content.

Understanding what is Qoob Stories Instagram Photos and Videos Downloader.

Nothing is hard unless you haven’t taken the time to understand what it takes. Downloading content from Instagram is easy. Though the program isn’t available for Android users, we hope that they will launch it soon.

You can either download the 32 or 64 bits version on your computer or proceed to download Instagram content.

The Main Features of Qoob Stories.

Apps and software are ranked based on the effectiveness of their features or characteristics. Let’s read on to see why this tool is considered great by millions of users:

1) Download Instagram Videos and Photos.

This application lets users download or view Instagram content by username, location, and hashtags. The quality of the downloaded content is super identical to the original.

2) It has no Ads.

With the sophisticated Instagram video downloader, you can browse Instagram Feed without Ads. This ensures smooth flow when using this program. It offers a great user experience without getting foreign adverts.

3) Downloading Instagram Highlights and Stories.

Qoob Stories software allows you to download Instagram stories and highlights for future reference. To avoid spending a lot of time downloading these stories, you can subscribe to certain accounts for automatic downloads. This way, you can watch such highlights from the given feed later at your convenience.

4) Anonymously Watching Others’ Stories.

Qoob Stories program enables you to anonymously view other people’s stories. You only type the username of the account whose stories interest you. This is amazing because you don’t need to create an Instagram account to view stories on a private account.

5) You Can Control Automatic Downloads.

As a Qoob Stories user, you have control over its content downloading feature. When you search for the username, location, or hashtag you will decide on the media to download among the results.

How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Qoob Stories.

For hashtags of public accounts, you will be able to download their content without a login. However, you’ll be required to log in using your Instagram account details when you want to download and save videos, photos, and stories from your account, private accounts, and feeds of the accounts you follow. Amazingly, this video downloading software doesn’t store your account details.

Below are the three ways of downloading photos and videos from Instagram:

  • Using the Username.

After downloading Qoob Stories, launch it and type the username. Proceed to click the “Subscribe.” button to be able to browse Instagram stories, photos, and videos of an account.

  • Location.

After entering the location name, move on to click the “search places” button in the search field and click Subscribe. 

  • The Hashtag.

In the search section, type the “#” sign before the phrase then tap on “Subscribe.”

If you want to choose the type of media to download it’s easy. The tool only requires you to click on “Options” after searching for the account or hashtag whose content you need. This also allows you to set the conditions for automatic download of Instagram videos and photos. You are free to set a data range for the posts you can download.

Final Thoughts.

There is evidence of a high influx of video downloading tools on the internet but the best will always remain useful. Qoob Stories is proving to be the best Instagram video and photo downloader. It is affordable since it even offers a free starter plan. You can use it to download 200 media content from various accounts and hashtags every day. If you want to save Instagram photos and videos, it’s worth giving Qoob Stories a trial. I bet you won’t regret it.

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