Earn on Your Attention with Cheelee Short Video Platform and Its CHEEL and LEE Tokens

CHEEL and LEE Tokens

2022 turned out to be difficult for crypto investors. It will be remembered for the crypto winter, the FTX collapse, and the next surge of close attention of the supervisory authorities that followed it. Although bitcoin entered 2023 confidently reaching $22,000, most market experts say that it is still far away from a new bull run. After the reputational blow the industry needs positive news and truly fundamental projects which will melt the cold of winter and breathe new life into the market. And, fortunately, such a project has already appeared: meet Cheelee – GameFi short video platform that ranks first in the rating of NFT and GameFi projects for 2023.

Why Should Cheelee Succeed?

Cheelee is a new generation social network with GameFi mechanics: here you earn while watching your favorite short video feed. Cheelee’s goal is to give users monetize over their attention – earn for scrolling feed. Of course, creators also earn money in Cheelee, but the platform considers the attention of its viewers to be its main asset.

To earn with Cheelee, you need to use NFT glasses. You get entry-level ones after registration, so you can start the game without investments. Next, you can purchase glasses of a higher status and, using several game tools, earn many times more.

The main variables showing that Cheelee is doomed to success are the social network effect and the attention economy concept it is working within. Cheelee creates an opportunity for people to form their golden parachute and eventually even give up their main job. It’s not a secret that today more and more professions are becoming a thing of the past because of progress and digital technologies. Anyone is able to earn by watching the feed, regardless of profession, age, etc. So, Cheelee gives people the new and, perhaps, the most democratic and stable source of income, which makes it an extremely important social project. 

What Is the Attention Economy?

Every day, half of humanity spends at least 2.5 hours on social networks. Zoomers spend about 10 hours a day with their smartphones, mostly watching short videos. Content’s amount is growing exponentially, and its creators compete fiercely for the viewer’s attention.

It was half a century ago when Nobel laureate Herbert Simon predicted the current situation. He presented the theory of attention economy, according to which an ever-growing amount of information makes attention the most valuable resource in a new market. Earlier calculations were equal to oil and gold, but as society becomes less industrial and more informational, attention will soon replace them.

Cheelee was the first to realize that we already live in an attention economy. Instead of reaching new heights in the advertising market, it did something that no one had ever done before: to pay users for the time and attention they give to the platform.

The CHEEL and LEE Tokens Purpose

The Cheelee economy is based on two tokens.

  1. CHEEL — governance token (total supply 1,000,000,000) that is needed for increasing your NFT glasses level, as well as for voting when the community wants to introduce some new features in the application according to the DAO principle. CHEEL can be multiplied by staking, so its owner gets passive income along with some special bonuses available only for CHEEL’s holders. So if you aren’t giving up on discovering tokens that can bring XXs, CHEEL with its 4.6 billion potential audience of the social networks` users is definitely this one.
  2. LEE — utility token (total supply 7,000,000,000) in which all fees, donations, accruals, and other internal calculations on the platform are carried out. You get LEE for watching the feed. The rate of its accrual algorithmically depends on the number of tokens mined: the more they are mined, the more difficult it is to get new LEE tokens. LEE has a great potential even to replace bitcoin! 

LEE’s mining complexity grows by 7% per month and 84% per year which stimulates its price growth. Together with the limited supply it makes LEE an extremely promising asset which can rise to the top of the CMC rating in the coming years. Cheelee has a huge potential to become the number one social network on the whole Earth. Cheelee’s success could make cryptocurrency mass adoption a reality and boost the crypto industry’s development.

Why Is Cheelee Reliable?

One of the main advantages of Cheelee is the thoughtfulness of its economy, thanks to which the project’s token rate has increased resistance to the market’s volatility. It is achieved by freezing investment funds and team tokens for two years. This means these tokens will not be in free circulation during the important period of the project’s growth.

There are also several sources of income to give the project stability. If the rest Play-to-Earn games` income is mostly from NFTs sale and for 1% from additional sources, then Cheelee receives up to 40% of its income from these, such as advertising, in-game purchases and cooperation with brands.


The Cheelee application is made as simple as possible for social network users. Its simplicity will make it popular, as it allows users to make videos of such a quality previously only accessible to those with serious skills in video editing programs. Cheelee repeats all the TikTok’s features in its application, but in addition to these, you can earn in the app which is incredibly grand. CHEEL is already listed on Coinsbit, Bitmart and you can check it out in Coinmarketcap rating. Cheelee App is already available on Google Play and in a couple of weeks will be on App Store.

If Cheelee attracts only a fifth of the short video platforms’ audience, Cheelee’s market cap will be around 100 billion dollars, and CHEEL token will grow by at least 1000 times. And considering that Cheelee gives its users tangible benefits, it is easy to imagine that the project has every chance to overtake all existing social networks. Like short videos and stick to TikTok? Interested in promising crypto projects? Then join the Cheelee community and become one of the first participants in the new economy!

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