Earn Gold, Silver, and Platinum on the Blockchain With AurusDeFi (AWX)

What if you could accumulate grams of gold, silver, and platinum at fractions above the spot price, without the traditional burdens of limited transportability and high storage costs. Aurus tokens are highly liquid, transferable, and easy to store, making them the perfect way to invest in precious metals.

And what if you could also earn a passive revenue stream paid in Gold, Silver, and Platinum? Well, you can with AWX!

AurusDeFi (AWX) is the Aurus ecosystem token that can be staked to earn a proportional share of the transaction fees generated by Aurus precious metals tokens: AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER, and AurusPLATINUM. AWX is a scarce digital asset with a limited total supply of only 30 million tokens.

How can I start staking AWX?

To start earning passive rewards in Gold, Silver, and Platinum, you will need a minimum of 100 AWX tokens on the Polygon network in the Aurus App.

  1. Buy AurusDeFi (AWX) on Quickswap.
  2. Download the Aurus Mobile App – App Store (iOS)Play Store (Android).
  3. Import your existing wallet in the Aurus App – Tutorial: How to import your wallet
  4. In the Aurus App, switch to the Polygon Network in settings.
  5. Click ‘Earn’ in the Aurus app to start staking!

Note: you will need a small amount of MATIC in your Aurus wallet to stake.

Happy staking!

PS – Aurus has allocated a bonus $10,000 pool of gold for early stakers, distributed over the first 3 months!

AWX Staking FAQ

Is there a minimum amount of AWX that I need to stake?

Yes. The minimum is 100 AWX tokens required in your wallet to stake.

How long do I need to stake my tokens?

The staking period is indefinite. You can stake for as long as you want, or as short as you want. Therefore, you can Stake and Unstake at any time.

How long do I need to wait to receive my AWX tokens back, once I Unstake?

Unstaked tokens will be released back to your wallet after 30 days. Please note, that no rewards are accumulated to your wallet during the 30-day release period.

How often can I claim Rewards?

You can claim rewards on the 1st of each Month in the Aurus App.

Rewards do not need to be claimed each month. Rewards can be accumulated and claimed when you are ready to do so.

Can I stake my tokens on Polygon and Ethereum?

Staking is currently only available on the Polygon network in the Aurus App.

*Gas fees are too expensive to validate staking and claiming of rewards on the Ethereum network at this time. This could change in the future.

Do I need to pay “Gas Fees” to stake and unstake my AWX tokens?

Yes, you require a small amount of Matic tokens in your wallet to pay for transactions on the Polygon network. We recommend having at least 1 Matic in your wallet.

If I am already providing liquidity on the AWX/USDC pair on Quickswap, do I need to remove my liquidity to stake my AWX in the Aurus App?

No. For now, we will consider your Liquidity position as Staked (for AWX rewards) too. Same staking rules will apply. (Apply via form)

What is the APY for AWX Stake & Claim?

AWX rewards are generated as a result of on-chain tokenization and transaction fees of Aurus precious metals tokens. This means rewards are variable and progressive. Rewards are also variable based on the total amount of AWX tokens staked at any point in time.

Stay and stay tuned for regular updates via Aurus Telegram and Twitter channels.

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