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EA Sports FC 24: The Best Formations & Meta-Custom Tactics Explained

Ultimate Team remains the core of EA FC 24. With the game in Early Access, fans have been busy diving into the mode and discovering its new features.

As in previous games, you’ll need the best tactical setup to increase your chances of winning. Especially in competitive modes such as Division Rivals and Champions, investing more EA FC 24 Coins to improve overall player statistics is definitely an excellent opportunity to increase your winning rate.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team gives players a variety of options for building their team. But you can only achieve maximum victory in the game by mastering the right combination of tactics.

When setting it up, make sure you have a tactical plan for a few different game scenarios. This allows you to change your approach on the fly to overwhelm your opponent or to exploit their weaknesses. Here I will share with you my best EA FC 24 custom tactics and formations.

Starter Custom Tactics & Formations

Most players in EA FC 24 will start with a 4-4-2 formation, especially in Ultimate Team. It’s a solid setup this year, especially if you’re still mastering the game and building your team for the long haul.

You need to buy FUT 24 Coins to get two forwards and two midfielders who can play as wingers. Then you’ll never be short of offensive options, and there’s almost always a teammate to pass the ball to. This is useful for maintaining possession of the ball while you wait for support.


However, you may encounter difficult situations using a five-man defense against your opponent. Because there are more opponents to defeat, there is less space to exploit.

To get the most out of this formation, you need strong central defenders and agile and fast forwards. In the midfield, it is best to have one attacking midfielder supporting the attack and the other focusing on defense.

Meta-Custom Tactics & Formations

One of the best formations currently in EA FC 24 is the 4-2-3-1 formation. It provides decent defensive cover and plenty of offensive support to overwhelm your opponents. Especially if you are using a natural winger and have CAM as a backup, this formation will pay huge dividends for you.

An offensive player who is fast and can pass the ball quickly is a perfect fit for this team. Therefore, it is definitely a smart move to buy FC 24 Coins in advance. The two holding midfielders should only serve as a protection for the defense. Likewise, it’s best to have the full-backs focus on defense or, if you prefer, have them support the attack.

Since this team has a narrow formation, you may have some difficulty against opponents who use a winger formation. If so, it’s definitely recommended to make sure your full-backs stay behind when attacking.


Counter-Attack Custom Tactics & Formations

The 5-2-1-2 formation is a good choice for players who want to frustrate their opponents by suppressing their attacks and then launching counter-attacks. Its major base is the five-man defensive line.

This setup at the back will provide enough defensive width to neutralize opposition wingers. And a three-man midfield gives you the option to pass the ball to the forwards at the start of the attack and then pass it to the Strikers.

However, you may have difficulty attacking an opponent using a five-man defensive formation. Because this tactic limits your room for advancement.

Depending on your preference, you can keep the full-backs at the back or bomb forward to provide extra attacking width. If you opt for better attacking width, I highly recommend keeping your midfielders at the back.


Ultra-Attacking Custom Tactics & Formations

When you need to score goals, 3-4-2-1 formation is a good choice. Because it sacrifices a defensive approach in favor of an offensive style. It gives you a wealth of options in the final third and also allows for aggressive interceptions in midfield.

I recommend you go with a higher defensive line, but not so high that it exposes the gap behind. And the narrow attacking width helps flood the center of the pitch. You can adjust the tactics of the players in the box according to your choice. But I find the less you adjust, the better because it gives us a chance to recover the ball and win possession back.


You may struggle against opponents who have enough width to attack with a three-man attack. Because these areas of the court will be exposed. So I recommend using this strategy only when you are out of time and need to tie the game.

Defensive Custom Tactics & Formations

The 5-4-1 (2) formation is a good choice when you want to win, as it can crowd the midfield and back-line, significantly limiting the opponent’s space to move. And it can still be the best option for the offense. It will be better if you attack threats with speed forwards.

While it may be tempting to minimize defensive depth, it opens the door for your opponent to attempt long-range shots. Because in EA Sports FC 24, PlayStyles+ gives players new ways to express themselves, it’s best to keep the pressure on.


And the chief weakness of this formation is that you will have an isolated forward when attacking. While they can sometimes find space to exploit on the counter-attack, it’s best to only use this approach when the defense is ahead.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best tactics and formations in EA FC 24. As meta-custom tactics and formations develop, this guide will undergo some changes. However, these tactics and formations can now help you win easily!

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