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EA Sports FC 24 Guide: Best PlayStyles for Top Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 Guide: Best PlayStyles for Top Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

When it comes to EA Sports FC 24, it is new version of FIFA series game. Players have access to play Ultimate Team mode in FC 24. And there are also new features in the latest FC 24. Like PlayStyles, which can be used to boost the performance of top players in Ultimate Team. We are going to list several best PlayStyles for top players in this article. Players can use Cheap FC 24 Coins to find good players and build the dream team in Ultimate Team mode.

Best PlayStyles for Top Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Power Shot

While each PlayStyle has its own merits, the Power Shot stands out as the most superior and efficient option. This PlayStyle proves exceptionally effective in critical areas of the field, yet it demands both time and space for optimal utilization. Opting for this PlayStyle empowers players to execute quicker shots, leaving defenders with minimal reaction time.

In EA Sports FC 24, Power Shots, when on target, seldom elude goalkeepers, affording you the advantage of swift and decisive shooting opportunities.

Finesse Shot

In the FIFA series, Finesse Shots have maintained their dominance for several years. In specific editions, shots taken from the edge of the penalty area would consistently find the top corner of the net. Although regular Finesse Shots in EA Sports FC 24 may not exhibit the same level of prowess, players equipped with the PlayStyle attribute can still net goals from a diverse array of positions and angles.


Many top defensive players are adept at blocking shots, but those with the Block PlayStyle, such as Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk, exhibit an extended blocking range and a higher likelihood of successful blocks. While much of this occurs automatically during defensive plays, players with the Block PlayStyle intuitively disrupt the opposition. When utilizing players with the Block ability, no additional actions are necessary; their defensive presence alone makes a significant impact.


In the FIFA series, Skill Stars have traditionally dictated a player’s repertoire of special moves. Nevertheless, the introduction of the Trickster PlayStyle now allows for the execution of distinctive flick Skill Moves. Incorporating a player with this PlayStyle into your lineup will introduce novel techniques and strategies for outmaneuvering defenders, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy flaunting their skills on the field.

Numerous top-tier players, including Heroes and Legends featured in EA Sports FC 24, possess the Trickster ability. For those with the means to acquire them, these players offer substantial value and a wealth of new possibilities.


Interceptions play a pivotal role in football and can be game-changers in EA Sports FC 24 matches. The Interception PlayStyle significantly enhances the likelihood of intercepting a pass, extending the range over which interceptions can occur. The game’s improved interception mechanics mean that players now excel at intercepting passes automatically, elevating this aspect of gameplay.

When applied to a defensive midfielder, this PlayStyle enables the player to thwart numerous perilous passes and, in doing so, swiftly initiate a counter-attack.


During the latter stages of matches, stamina becomes a critical factor, as players often find it challenging to maintain their peak performance as the game progresses. The Relentless PlayStyle effectively mitigates fatigue, ensuring that players lose stamina at a reduced rate throughout the match and receive an extra burst of energy at halftime. This PlayStyle is particularly advantageous for midfielders, as it can have a substantial impact in the crucial final minutes of regulation time or during extra time in matches.


The Technical PlayStyle is designed to enhance speed during Controlled Sprints and allows for precise wide turns while dribbling. Dribbling has been significantly improved in EA Sports FC 24 compared to previous entries in the series, making the Technical PlayStyle an even more potent choice. Players like Lionel Messi, known for their exceptional close-control dribbling, become even more formidable when using this PlayStyle, as they become exceptionally difficult to dispossess.


Speed has consistently been a vital attribute in sports video games, and players with the Rapid attribute in EA Sports FC 24 enjoy an even more significant increase in their speed. Additionally, they can maintain better ball control while dribbling at higher speeds. Prominent stars like Kylian Mbappe boast the Rapid PlayStyle, making them exceptionally challenging to contain in this year’s game.

These mentioned PlayStyles are suitable for specific top players at each position of your Ultimate Team. It is your time to decide which one is fit for your player. Players can Buy EA FC 24 Coins to select the best Players for your team at the transfer market.

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