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E8 Funding Is Connecting Traders With Capital With Innovative Software Becoming The Fastest-growing Proprietary Trading Firm

The new prop firm named E8 Funding has strived to create unique funding opportunities and an approachable way to become a professional, funded trader, managing their capital remotely from anywhere in the world.


E8Funding is delighted to announce that it has leveraged the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, to develop a revolutionary system that will allow users to instantly start their journey to becoming a funded trader with just the click of a button.

According to the data, where most traders lack is in their capital, this brings other issues like overleveraging and blowing accounts. They strive to change that and make it easier for those who trade profitably looking for more funds. Knowing that they have strategic partnerships that offer institutional liquidity and top-tier software solutions, you can rest assured you are playing with the top dog.  What’s even better, they have their own engineers in-house to ensure you have the best experience at all times.

Although these programs can change lives if handled by an experienced trader, they, however, involve a tedious and time-consuming process of learning how to operate within the markets. You can imagine in an industry where only 1% of traders actually become profitable, E8Funding stands out in trying to increase these numbers.

Account Types and Sizes

In addition to the free trial they offer for newcomers to get a feel of how it works, E8Funding has currently five different plans available to users, with varying features and functionalities.

The free trial offers the same conditions as the paid ones, it allows dashboard access and a demo MetaTrader account. Then we have trading challenges that start from $25k, $50k, $100k and $250k, these accounts can be given to you instantly through their website. In addition to offering these 4, E8Funding has launched a new type of account funding called ELEV8, this account starts at $100k, but if you are a good trader you can increase the capital in this account up to one million dollars! Imagine being able to trade $1 million dollars with only a couple hundred that you start with to purchase a challenge account with E8funding.

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More On E8 Funding

E8 Funding insists that its mission is to become the worldwide leader in Proprietary trading  by creating superior conditions that are useful for all types of traders. The company has successfully leveraged the recent advancements in this space to develop proprietary software that makes complicated tech simple and easy.

“You take the trades, we take the risk.”

For more information, please contact:

E8 Funding LLC

100 crescent court suite 7 Dallas TX 75224


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