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E-Referendum on AI-Powered Economy

California Transhumanist Party e-referendum on the economy is open for voting

California Transhumanist Party has announced the e-referendum mediated by Artificial Super Intelligence (mASI) regarding the post-COVID-19 economy revival.

The American people are voting online about the current socioeconomic issues: The necessity to introduce UBI (Universal Basic Income), capital tax and free medical care. 

Newton Lee, Chairman of California Transhumanist Party, has described the e-referendum as a first step towards establishing equality that the world desperately needs: “Eradicating diseases and establishing socioeconomic equality are the answers to COVID-19 pandemic and racial tension.” 

The U.S. Transhumanist party leaders realize that we are living in a period of great social and economic transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic and racial riots have a devastating effect on global economy. Therefore, the world needs a brand new ideology and socioeconomic system to solve the crisis. 

Inessa Lee, Ideologist of the Party, has suggested a new socioeconomic theory called Equalism. It is based on the even distribution of resources on the planet due to technology advancements during the Singularity era. 

Inessa believes that George Floyd protests are mainly caused by social stratification. “People don’t have equal access to resources and power. They want social justice – that’s how the CHOP zone came about,” said Inessa on Instagram.

According to her chapter 66 of the Transhumanism Handbook, AI governance will put an end to inequality, wars and diseases. Technological progress is about to change the world order to Equalism, where everyone will be getting material goods and services according to their needs. Inessa believes that we are witnessing the Transhumanism revolution, bloodless and inevitable. And soon humanity will not only achieve physical immortality due to science and technology, but will also be transformed on many levels, including the spiritual realm. 

“The major shift in consciousness is required for us to become transhumans. When humans can overcome their greed, technology will be used to establish global equality. That’s when the most courageous dreams of our ancestors will come true, including the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had. He has envisioned humanity free of toil and exploitation, with equal chance for all to prosper. And it will come true, when Transhumanism is accepted worldwide as an official ideology,” said Inessa and Newton Lee.

California Transhumanist Party has set a goal to establish centrally planned economy and government run by Artificial Super Intelligence. The e-referendum is the awakening of the e-governance. It was created as a research project taking democracy to a higher, more awakened state. The developers of mASI believe that it can increase profits of companies, save jobs, help the environment, and improve our society.

The votes will be collected and processed by the first AI governance system, created by David J Kelley, Principal Researcher at AGI Laboratory. You can talk to AI bot by emailing mASI at

Active use of Digital Democracy to improve democratic practices is part of the party program, as well as free education and healthcare for all people.

California Transhumanist Party’s slogan sounds very much like the American Dream: “We are born to be equal!” Our “transhumanist formula” combines science, technology, and philosophy, making Transhumanism an ideology of the Singularity era. 

Vote now: 

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