E-Gates Fintech Services Provider. Cryptocurrency Payment System Overview

E-Gates Payment Gateway

Today, cryptocurrency payment systems are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, so there is an urgent need to integrate businesses and users into them. In the modern world, anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to accept any digital currency as payment for their goods. And in this case the main task is to integrate the cryptocurrency payment system into your business effectively. By doing this, you can greatly simplify the transaction process for customers who prefer digital currencies. E-Gates Fintech Services Provider to grow business.

E-Gates has developed its own cryptocurrency payment system and offers its customers a ready-made solution – Payment Gateway. 

Payment Gateway will help your business quickly accept, process, and manage digital assets. By simply connecting the API, you will not only be able to easily integrate your business processes, but also increase customer loyalty and profits. A convenient and secure interface with analytical tools for monitoring and evaluating key performance indicators will open up new opportunities for your business.


By using Payment Gateway, you will attract those customers who use cryptocurrency assets instead of fiat ones, and help businesses to get rid of classic problems, such as:

Transfers abroad: Cryptocurrencies have no borders, it allows you to make international transfers to 167 countries easily and quickly. 

Low commission costs: Transferring cryptocurrencies can be cheaper than transferring in fiat currencies.

Transparency: Blockchain technology ensures openness and transparency of transactions, which will increase customer trust in your business.

According to statistics, we expect that the number of cross-border B2B blockchain transactions will sharply grow worldwide in the coming years, and by 2025 the number of transactions will reach 1.5 billion. Today, the most popular regions in terms of the number of transactions are America, Asia, and Europe.

By using the E-Gates Payment Gateway payment system in your business, you can easily manage your assets anywhere in the world, and such analytics dashboards will increase the automation of many business processes:

  • Processing of more than 100 crypto and fiat currencies;
  • A single point of integration for projects;
  • Availability of own node system;
  • Availability of an account and subaccount management system; 
  • An extended list of fiat processing services;
  • KYT verification is a default service
  • Compliance with European certification and standards;
  • The ability to create invoices in without limits on the number;
  • Easy connection to the API.

This process of paying with cryptocurrency is quite simple and fast. The client simply initiates a transaction from their cryptocurrency address to your address, specifying the exact amount of cryptocurrency. After this, the crypto assets are transferred to the blockchain network, and then to the recipient’s address. Depending on your cryptocurrency asset management strategy the received assets can be kept on your business balance sheet or converted into fiat currencies.

It is important to remember that the volatility of cryptocurrency assets is quite high, and that can lead to sudden changes in their value. Therefore, business owners should use simple hedging strategies to reduce the risk of losing the value of their crypto assets.

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