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E-Discovery Market Expected to Increase USD 19.60 Billion by 2028 (7.3% CAGR)

The E-Discovery market is expected to grow from USD 11.16 Billion in 2020 to USD 19.60 Billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period 2021-2028.

The e-Discovery software enables legal professionals to use the e-Discovery process to generate electronic documents for a lawsuit. E-Discovery is a process in which parties exchange Electronically Stored Information (ESI) with one another as part of litigation, government investigations, and regulatory and compliance submissions. Emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, and websites are all examples of ESI.

Electronic discovery, often known as e-Discovery, is the electronic process of locating, collecting, and creating data/information for use as evidence in a court of law. The e-Discovery industry is served by three suppliers: service providers, software vendors, and legal firms.

Social media contacts throughout the organizational system have led to an increase in the e-discovery market. The need for enterprises to raise the bar in data governance standards and effective follow-through with e-Discovery solutions in civil proceedings are prominent market drivers. Cross-border e-Discovery cases have increased rapidly as a result of business digitization and globalization. Because of the diverse utilization cases of investigative concerns, e-Discovery solutions are widely adopted by enterprises of all sizes and across all industries. Furthermore, cellphones account for almost 45 percent of the world’s e-Commerce transactions, resulting in an abundance of data. Because of the surge in internet usage spurred by the social network phenomenon, the depth and volume of information generated and transmitted have been redefined. To strengthen their competitiveness, businesses are increasingly compelled to handle commercial and personal data. As a result of these concerns, firms must look into effective database applications and create scalable content management systems. However, the increased frequencies of cyber-attacks and data theft activities in recent years and a skilled professional labor scarcity are impeding the market growth. Also, existing concerns about high prices in electronic discovery, as well as a lack of understanding about the effects of the solutions, are essential market restraints. The advent of AI-based analytics for e-Discovery and the rising demand for predictive coding to simplify and reduce the document review process are two prospects for providers in the e-Discovery market. These opportunities are anticipated to give e-Discovery suppliers additional market growth opportunities.

The significant vendors offering e-Discovery solutions and services worldwide are Microsoft, IBM, OpenText, Deloitte, Micro Focus, ZyLAB, Relativity, Nuix, Logikcull, KLDiscovery, Exterro, Thomson Reuters, Knovos, Casepoint, Nextpoint, DISCO, Veritas, One Discovery, Congruity360, Onna, Everlaw, Texifter, Allegory, Evichat, and Reductech. To achieve a prominent market position in the worldwide E-Discovery market, leading companies are increasingly focused on strategies such as product innovation, mergers and acquisitions, new advancements, joint ventures, collaborations, and partnerships.

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The On-Premise deployment dominated the market with the largest market share of 67% in 2020.

Based on the deployment, the E-Discovery Market is segmented into On-Premise and On-Cloud. The On-Premise deployment dominated the market with the largest market share of 67% in 2020. An on-premises delivery method involves installing and running software or solutions on the customer’s server and computing equipment. This method is most typically employed in applications that deal with sensitive or confidential information. Every organization now generates large amounts of data due to the use of machine learning, IT devices, sensors, clickstreams, and a variety of other gadgets. On-premise deployment offers security superior to that of your corporate system. Your organization’s firewall protects this software; as long as you apply best-in-class security procedures, your e-discovery data is likely safe from breaches.

The BFSI segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 18% in the year 2020.

Based on the end-user, the E-Discovery Market is segmented into Government, Legal sector, BFSI, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics, IT and Telecommunication, Media and entertainment others. The BFSI segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 18% in the year 2020. The adoption of cutting-edge technology has been essential to the expansion of the BFSI industry. Because of advancements in digital technology, banking customers can now access real-time banking and financial information services on any device. The use of e-Discovery has increased the clarity and transparency of litigation records. Furthermore, while dealing with legal issues and locating relevant documents to present, maintaining regulatory compliance and adhering to established standards is crucial in the BFSI industry, which may be performed using e-Discovery tools. The government sector is a developing market with a high CAGR and has a significant market share. Government agencies all across the world have acknowledged the importance of electronic records in various investigations. Like the United States Department of Justice’s Civil Division, multiple institutions have insisted on the effectiveness of such digitized documents.

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