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E-Commerce Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu is Looking to take Project Wifi to the Next Level

The world today revolves around the internet now more than ever. The global pandemic has shown that nothing is certain, primarily in-person businesses. Many businesses closing their doors due to lockdown has caused quite the culture shock, which we haven’t had to deal with for a long time in the modern era. That being said, it should start to become clear that the internet is the course of the future, and if you aren’t making changes to shift your attention to the online headspace, then you’re already behind.

Marcello Cantu knows all about the importance of having an online-based business during these times. As an e-commerce entrepreneur Cantu has seen his business flourish during the global pandemic. Expanding to over 80 employees and becoming a seven-figure company is just a couple of accomplishments that “Project Wifi” surpassed this year and looks to continue this growth into 2021.

Becoming a full-time entrepreneur didn’t happen overnight for Marcello Cantu. He put in consistent hard work and applied the knowledge he learned along the way. It might sound cliche, but it is truly that simple. Marcello advises young entrepreneurs to find one thing you like, and that is a proven concept. Then focus on growing that one thing. Even if it is a 1% improvement each day, that is still a lot of progress in the long run.

Marcello Cantu is in it for the long haul with e-commerce. Whether you believe it or not, it is the way of the future. This year has made it apparent that the world is shifting, and you’ll need to adapt. Marcello Cantu and his team over at “Project Wifi” are doing just that and reaping the benefits.

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