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E bike and off Road Electric Bike: New Options for the Mobility

In today’s society, environmental pollution and traffic congestion have become two major problems plaguing people’s lives. In order to alleviate these problems, more and more people begin to pay attention to environmentally friendly traveling and healthy life. As a kind of green, environmentally friendly and healthy transportation, electrically-assisted bike are gradually being favored by people. This paper will focus on the development trend and application scenarios of electrically-assisted bicycles, firstly introducing the concept and classification of electrically-assisted bicycles, then focusing on e bikes suitable for use on unpaved roads, and finally looking forward to the future development trend and application prospects of e bike.

Electrically-assisted bike is a kind of transportation that combines pedal bicycle and electric motor, which improves the driving performance and comfort of the bicycle through the electric assist system. According to different power sources, electrically-assisted bicycles can be divided into e bike, oil-e bike, fuel-cell-assisted bicycles and so on. Among them, e bike are the most common type, which provide auxiliary power for riding through a battery-driven electric motor.

E bike have the following advantages

  • Energy saving: e bike can reduce the resistance when riding with the help of electric assist system, which makes riding easier.
  • Speed: The maximum speed of an electrically-assisted bicycle is generally higher than that of a traditional bicycle, and can reach more than 20 kilometers per hour.
  • Environmental protection: electric bicycle does not produce exhaust fumes and noise, so it is less polluting to the environment.
  • Health: e bike can exercise the body’s endurance and coordination, which is good for health.

It is because of these advantages that e bike are getting more and more attention and application in domestic and foreign markets. According to the data, In the global electric bicycle market size and forecast for 2021 and 2027, the market size in 2021 is 26.73 billion US dollars, and it is expected that the global electric bicycle market size will reach 53.53 billion US dollars by 2027. Meanwhile, the sales of electric bicycles in the European and U.S. markets are also rising year by year, with a bright future.

In the market, e bike and off road electric bikes are the two main types of e bike. E-bike is a kind of electric bike that can run on city roads, its motor and battery and other components are located inside the frame, and its appearance is similar to that of an ordinary bicycle. off road electric bike is a kind of electric bike specially designed for cross-country and outdoor sportsmen, with higher ground clearance and wider tires, which provides better passability and stability.

The market prospect of electric bicycle is very broad.

 As people pay more attention to environmentally friendly traveling and healthy life, more and more people start to choose e bike as their traveling tools. At the same time, with the aggravation of urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution, e bike have also become an effective way to alleviate these problems. In terms of production process, the production of e-bikes involves batteries, motors, controllers and other high-tech fields, and its technical level and product quality directly affect the performance and experience of the product. Therefore, improving the production process will be one of the important directions for the development of electric bicycle.

As another type of electric bicycle, off road electric bike has a wide range of applications. In the field of cross-country and outdoor sports, off road electric bike has become the preferred tool for sportsmen. Due to its good passability and stability, off road electric bike can easily cope with complex terrain and road conditions, helping sportsmen to better enjoy the fun of outdoor sports. In addition, off road electric bike can also be used for urban short-distance travel and transportation tools, especially in some cases where the use of traditional bicycles is not suitable, off road electric bike has a higher practical value and value of use.

Looking into the future, electric bike is expected to be more widely 

  • Urban travel: with the aggravation of urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution problems, more and more people will choose e bike as the means of transportation for urban travel. e bike have the advantages of labor-saving, environmental protection, health and so on, and will become one of the important development directions of urban travel.
  • Leisure and fitness: as a healthy, environmentally friendly leisure and fitness mode, e bike will be favored by more and more people. In the future, e bike will become one of the popular equipment in gyms, outdoor sports and other fields.
  • Logistics transportation: The application of electric bicycle in the logistics industry is also becoming more and more extensive. In the urban “last kilometer” distribution, electric bicycle has the advantages of environmental protection, convenience, efficiency, etc., which can reduce the transportation cost, improve the transportation efficiency, and at the same time reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution. In the future, e bike are expected to become one of the important means of transportation in the urban logistics industry.
  • Shared travel: In the context of the sharing economy, electric bicycle sharing will also become a new business model. People can rent nearby e bike at any time through cell phone apps, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly. This model can reduce the number of cars in the city, alleviate traffic congestion and parking difficulties, while increasing the utilization rate and coverage of e bike.

In addition, e bike also have a high value of collection and toys. Some high-end electric bicycles have become the collection of many people, and some brands of limited edition electric bicycles have high collection and investment value. At the same time, e bike can also be used as a toy to attract more children and young people to pay attention to and participate in outdoor sports and fitness activities.

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