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Dynamize Designs And Divergent Media Are Working Together To Elevate Marketing And Branding Experiences For Their Customers

Design and printing company Dynamize Designs and its associate Divergent Media sees a rise in growth and quality over time gaining appreciation from their customers.


Dynamize Designs is an in-house design and printing company located in Southern California dedicated to decreasing waste in the industry. The company was founded by Christian Longnecker and Brandon Miller. Their associate, Divergent Media, was founded by Christian Longnecker and Tosh Demello. Over time, Dynamize Design and its affiliate Divergent Media have seen a massive rise in growth.


Dynamize Designs builds, designs, and prints your brand story sustainably. From conceptualization to completion of a project, the team at Dynamize Designs sets out to make the impossible tasks possible.


Dynamize features products like handmade furniture, custom signage, metal photography prints, apparel, and much more.


The services provided by Dynamize Designs include:

– Custom wall art

– Laser-cut signs

– Dynamize Collection

– Roll-up banners

– Trade show signs

– Coffee equipment

– Marketing and Advertising

– Brand Development

– Yard Signs

– Clothing


Customization and execution is everything when it comes to the approach of Dynamize Designs. All customers can send customization requests for all products. If customers need assistance with customization they can speak with affiliate Divergent Media.  In this way, the customers can get the right product for their various needs easily.


The associate of Dynamize Designs, Divergent Media is a boutique agency that serves a multitude of brands. They plan strategies, designs, and create experiences for the brands. They aim to elevate marketing and branding experiences for modern businesses. They do everything to ensure their customers feel their bold and different approach to building brands.


Divergent Media specializes in web development, commercial photography, cinematography, graphic design, and brand development.


Divergent Media was developed using a decade of experience and knowledge in different art forms.


The professional team at Divergent Media has immense work experience and knowledge in web development, commercial photography, cinematography, graphic design, and brand development. They evaluate the latest trends and social strategies for making the brands develop and thrive organically.


Divergent Media builds and creates brands alongside Dynamize Design  with the use of emotional imagery, voice, and beautiful aesthetics.


“Brand building is my passion, and my purpose is to deliver. The Divergent media team was developed to offer pocket-friendly rates and a one stop shop for all media industry clients. Despite the pocket-friendly pricing, we never compromise on the quality of our work. We have incorporated our years of expertise, passion, and knowledge in our works with the help of branding and marketing from the customer’s perspective,” said Christian Longnecker.


For more information, visit

Tel: +1 800.675.0160



Media Contact

Business Name: Dynamize Design

Contact Person: Christian Longnecker



City : Santa Ana

State : California

Country: United States


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