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Dylan Sidoo and His Many Companies

Dylan Sidoo has garnered vast experience from working in the venture space for some time. He’s started a few key endeavors across various industries. What are some of his most significant developments at this point? Let’s look at all the different endeavors tied to Dylan Sidoo.

Film Acquisition and Distribution

In 2014, Dylan Sidoo had the opportunity to co-found a film and acquisitions company that succeeded shortly after. The company distributed two motion pictures while securing an output deal with Netflix and Shout Entertainment.

He co-produced the films ‘‘Devils Violinist’’ and ‘’Country Crush’’ while attending USC film school, where he graduated from Cume Laude. During his fourth year at USC Film School, he interned at William Morris Talent Agency.

The company was founded with his business partner while still in school. Learning the deal-making process was a key asset, and a valuable opportunity for Dylan. Skills that translate across a multitude of different industries.


Over time, user privacy became a forefronted issue in the news, with concerns of data leaks and data selling. After identifying a slew of cases, Sidoo and his partner found a gap in the market for a full-proof private and secure messaging platform.

Privacy is a big focus for Dylan Sidoo and in business, where he saw firsthand cases at various firms where he worked while still in school. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Sidoo saw this as an opportunity and started looking for solutions to keep information secure at all times.

He found that the market did not provide solutions that worked great to protect valuable information. An example of this was cloud-based software systems that were susceptible to metadata leakage.

Venture Capital

His opportunity in business development with BMEX Gold keeps Sidoo involved in the venture capital space. During market hours, it’s all about updating the brokers and keeping in touch with senior management on workflow, hence generating a day-to-day work environment that’s dynamic and fast-paced.

With Sidoo working on multiple endeavors, one essential trait is time management. It takes a very disciplined approach to juggle different roles. It takes time to settle into a routine that is constantly changing.

The opportunity of launching companies means many long nights and odd hours of work at times. Sidoo understands some of the invested time now can pay off later with great upside potential.

How Sidoo Stays Focused in Business

Networking is just as important. When trying to raise money for a new company or work with experts, these all matter when trying to network. Even people who might consider themselves a bit introverted can network differently. A good amount of networking happens online, and over the phone, so it’s not always about getting out there and presenting a certain way.

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