Dusk Foundation On A Mission To Revolutionize Secure Communications with new Advisors

One of the leading not-for-profit blockchain based research organizations Dusk Foundation has introduced a full cast of various cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. This move is part of the foundation’s plan to launch its custom-made censorship-busting discrete communication platform.

The Announcement

This announcement by this non-profit research organization was made this month. According to the report, five new members have been added to the team. These members include; Richard Sanders, Gary Quin, Marcelt, Nicolas Cimon, and James Ray Poulter. According to the announcement, Dusk Foundation seeks to create the first distributed, unsurveilled, and unrestricted blockchain based communication network that will be able to protect the exchange of data and freedom of speech.

Brief History Of These Experts

    1. Richard Sanders; he is one of the most experienced blockchain investigators. Currently, he is probing one of the largest industry hacks, as well as the EtherDelta hack. Sanders is also the co-founder of CipherBlade, a cryptocurrency investigation agency and serves as the CSO (Chief Security Officer).
    2. Gary Quin; former CEO of Blackrock Communications, Quin is also a senior advisor to Credit Suisse. Quin has over 25 years experience both in the telecommunications and the media space. He has also financed and inspired successful businesses.
    3. Marcel Roelant; this crypto expert is bringing with him to the cryptocurrency world vast experience in the payment industry. Currently, Roelant serves as the advisor at BitPay as well as mentors at Startupbootcamp.
    4. Nicolas Cimon; with over 20 years of experience in the consulting and legal business sector, Cimon is the managing director of Cross-Border Consulting.
    5. James Ray Poulter; he is an investment banker that links the traditional banking sector to the world of cryptocurrency. Currently, Poulter serves as the CEO of Reserve.

The Merger

Emanuele Francioni the Tech and Project lead at the Dusk Foundation, while speaking to newsmen stated that they are thrilled to welcome these cryptocurrency experts to the advisory board of the Dusk Foundation. He went further to state that the experience of Gary Quin in the telecommunications world, will help the foundation integrate perfectly into the field. He further revealed that Sanders’ groundbreaking investigation records, Poulter’s fresh view and the idea of the blockchain technology, Cimon’s legal and consultancy skill, and Roelant’s experience in the payment sector will be combined to ensure that the foundation moves forward. This influx of these fresh and new talents comes at a time when the Dusk Foundation approaches its operational rollout.

Benefit Of The Platform

With the launch of this platform, activists all over the world will benefit as they will be able to communicate and transfer assets and files freely. Most activists do not have this outlet as they are faced with countless barriers that impede their freedom of speech. Richards Sanders while speaking to newsmen clearly stated that the launch of this platform will also impact companies seeking to keep internal deals and records safe and secure. He went further to reveal that he is more than pleased to lend a hand to the development of this life-changing platform.


Merging the skills of these crypto and blockchain experts is a move in the right direction as these experts will offer timeless advice which will prove beneficial as they seek to launch this platform.

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