During Meltdown in Crypto, GameFi Revives a Hot Summer in DeFi: Interview with the CEO of Dragon Crypto Gaming

Blossoming with innovation, throughout half-decade DeFi was able to conquer the minds and hearts of the industry leaders way beyond the finance industry. What makes DeFi unique is the ability to blend in one pot ideas previously thought as incompatible. For example, GameFi: pairing finance and gaming in one flack could make skeptics shrug their shoulders – but in practice, this unlikely match is what made GameFi particularly shine out. Nowadays, despite the industry downfall, the GameFi is a primary moving force behind the rapid expansion of the decentralized realm: with the jaw-dropping CAGR of 100% (versus approximate 10% in traditional gaming), GameFi steps forward as one of the most promising fields in DeFi. Further down the road, it promises to take on the role of an active proponent behind the mass-scale transition into the virtual decentralized realm.

 While crypto-market is facing its rainy day, GameFi is more prepared than ever before to take the reins of the upcoming transformation. One of the necessary premises for the successful take-off of virtual reality projects is Web3 –  decentralized, blockchain-based vision of the next-generation internet. While still in progress, there are several initiatives that accelerate the transition – and Dragon Crypto Gaming (DCG) finds its place among them. As a cutting-edge role-playing gaming experience, The Legend of Aurum Draconis was launched to familiarized players with the advantages of decentralized blockchain technology, while not losing the vital elements of the traditional off-chain games out of sight. This powerful combination is supposed to draw in the new generation of gamers, passionate about the top-notch gaming experience just as they are about the latest advances in the world of tech. Comprising the latest developments from the realm of DeFi, such as the NFT collectibles – which serve as actual value-bearing rewards, The Legend of Aurum Draconis leaves vast space for entertainment through upgrading your party of Heroes to later confront the enemies in a fierce battle. The addition of an in-game marketplace makes all trophies garnered during the game exchangeable on other items of choice. In facilitating the gaming mechanism, Dragon Crypto Argenti (DCAR) will be assigned a pivotal role: apart from being a backbone behind all market economy of DCG, it will also enable players to garner their share of the platform’s revenues. Starting from July 23, Dragon Crypto Gaming will open doors for registration via Avalaunch, while July 26 is marked as a date of an IDO. A few days later, on July 29, the community will celebrate the Token Generation Event; eventually, the game is set to go live at the start of August.

 With this in mind, I approached the CEO of Dragon Crypto Gaming to learn news about the upcoming release first-hand.

Hello, thanks for joining me. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

Hi, I am Sam, founder of Dragon Crypto Gaming, I have almost two decades of software engineering and programming experience and currently work as the CTO of a SaaS company I have been programming games since I was eight. Games and programming are my passions, and this project combines them to great effect.

GameFi seems to be an alluring niche nowadays, abundant with opportunities to make an impactful change within the gaming industry. However, what are the challenges concealed within this relatively unexplored field?

There are a couple of challenges at the present moment, GameFi projects basetheir tokenomics on very inflationary models, poor recirculation of the rewards, and everything seems focused on financial rewards for early adopters   Core gameplay and game mechanics which are so crucial to the whole experience are put in the back seat. What GameFi brings to the table is ownership and interoperability. The challenge is to merge traditional and blockchain gaming into something sustainable and fun. We at Dragon Crypto Gaming consider that our highest priority.

Play-to-Earn mechanism is a true breakthrough within the gaming realm. How does Dragon Crypto Gaming actualize that?

P2E is a breakthrough, but many take it for granted. The entertainment factor of games should not be of a lesser priority than earning opportunitiesa. The earning comes consequently, whether players earn stats, tokens, or NFTs through playing. 

Playing means simply having fun. Most of the blockchain games today tend to overpromise and underdeliver in this aspect. The majority are idle games that don’t offer the mix of gaming mechanics depth and social and competitive aspects. DCG, from day one, has taken the opposite approach – focusing on core ganeplay that is fun and engaging as well as sustainable tokenomics

What are some of the most substantial elements that make up the Dragon Crypto Gaming experience?

The Legend of Aurum Draconis, our old-school RPG, stands out with the variety and complexity of the game mechanics. There are numerous paths to be taken in it. You can choose to battle the monsters, and other players, gather resources, craft or fix equipment, manage the land, trade NFTs in the marketplace, solve quests, develop skills, and so much more. Players have the freedom to choose, it depends on what they like, or they can do it all at once; beside the entertaining experience, we have a competition leaderboard. We can sort players by different achievements and award them accordingly.

From your end, how do you ensure Dragon Crypto Gaming provides the best user experience, while simultaneously not missing out on the alluring aspects of traditional gaming?

See response to Question 4.

Speaking about your forthcoming IDO – why has Avalaunch been chosen as the launchpad for your DCG?

DCG met the Avalaunch team when we launched our first NFT pprject on the Avalanche network in September 2021. Besides being supportive and forthcoming, they’re the most influential launchpad on Avalanche blockchain and have long experience in launching project tokens and knowledge to make a project a success. They care about everyone’s community, ours, and theirs, and their priority is to support projects which offer sustainability and we believe they are here for long term. This approach is something we value alot at Dragon Crypto Gaming and we put this at the front and centre of everything that we do.

Furthermore, ahead of the Token Generation Event that ought to occur on July 29, could you tell us more about some of the most valuable properties of DCAR?

 $DCAU and $DCAR have a low, fixed maximum supply and are expected to become deflationary through in-game burning mechanics. The team will actively control emissions to maintain the health of the system. 

 $DCAR is central to our ecosystem of blockchain games with the  following utility:

-Crafting and land ownership

-Revenue sharing

-Gas token for Avalanche subnet

-Mini games

– Even more utility added as more game features and games are developed 

In the Legend of Aurum Draconis, DCAR is central to crafting and land ownership. $DCAR is used to craft items from resources, recycle items into the base material and fix equipment. $DCAR will also be the currency of the land ownership system and for mini-games at the Inn. You can stake $DAR to earn a share of the platform revenues through $DCAU and $DCAR rewards. $DCAR will be the gas token of DCG’s future Avalanche Subnet. Within the broader DCG ecosystem, $DCAR will also be fundamental to the economy of other DCG games (e.g., Tiny Dragons)

What are the most essential ways how the community could benefit from the events surrounding the Dragon Crypto Gaming launch?

Yet another characteristic of the GameFi projects is that the community is close to the founders. DCG team regularly seeks and monitors their feedback. The community is involved in the game creation, bug bounty programs, testing, community activations, and reward through community badges, roles, tokens, or NFTs!

Overall, what do you suggest the gamers should know before engaging in DCG?

We would suggest everyone take a little time, go through our history and see the progress with their own eyes. DCG’s dev team is stellar, the community is great and they recognize the efforts. We do weekly AMAs, community calls, and livestreams of the game. Lots of available resources on the team, project, and game itself. It is crucial to start from doing your diligence.

How do you envision Dragon Crypto Gaming’s role within the larger framework of the DeFi transformation? What is your plan for the times ahead?

I believe GameFi will lead the way in onboarding new users to the blockchain. I want DCG to position itself as a leader in the space. Even without a massive AAA game development  budget, we want to set a standard for fun and alluring game mechanics on the blockchain! Our plan is to continue development at the rate we’ve had so far and check all the boxes on the features we’ve imagined, leaving the room to improvise and include additional features as we continue innovating .


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