Durable Military-Grade Computers: Find Out How To Get First-Class Equipment

Military-Grade Computers

The military has always been at the forefront of most areas of technological advance. Among the general population, “military-grade” usually means high quality, robust, and capable of withstanding the rough conditions of modern battlefields. That is exactly what military computers were designed to deliver. Here’s a brief intro to this type of computer and how to find them! 

What Are Military-Grade Computers? 

Computers have completely changed the way we live our lives, but also the way we fight wars. First, we’ve used computers to calculate trajectories of our guided weapons, then we started using computers to enhance our aircraft and armored fighting vehicles. Before long, almost every weapon system in use today, aside from individual small arms, uses some sort of computer. 

That being said, the military also has a need for standard computing power that is similar to what you’re using to read this article right now. However, your average Apple laptop isn’t capable of surviving the challenges of a modern battlefield. 

Furthermore, the military also has certain standards and restrictions regarding the security systems of their computers, as well as the nature of commercially available components.

A military-grade computer can be an individual terminal, a server, a network computer, or a mobile terminal that meets a unique set of mission parameters. Field computers feature a robust chassis that ensures minimal ingress of dust, water, and other harmful particles. 

On the other hand, a military-grade network computer could blend in among an array of home PC computers but comes with specialized hardware and software that makes it impervious to an array of potential threats. 

The IP Standard of Protection 

Field computers used by most militaries around the world are designed to meet the international IP standard of protection. IP stands for Ingress Protection and defines the capability of a device to prevent dust particles and water particles from entering its enclosure. The higher the rating, the better the protection. Most military-grade computers have high IP ratings out of the box. 

What Are Military Grade Computers Used For? 

Military Computers

As you might imagine, the military has numerous uses for computers of all kinds. For one, something needs to keep the massive bureaucracy going. The Veterans Affairs alone requires a sophisticated network of computers and servers to stay operational. 

But these are what you’d call regular applications of computers in the military. There are also the not-so-regular uses of computers. Various FOBs and forward command centers use all kinds of computers built on combat proven rugged military solutions. Drone operators no longer require massive, stationary command terminals. Nowadays, there are mobile computer systems that enable drone operations anywhere in the world. 

On a more individual level, soldiers, airmen, and marines are trialing all kinds of personal computer devices and rugged tablets. Such computers give troops on the ground a unique perspective of the battlefield, friendly elements within their designated area of operations, as well as any known enemy forces. 

Should You Get a Military-Grade Computer? 

Military-grade computers are a niche product. However, you don’t have to be military to enjoy the benefits such systems offer. As it turns out, the military isn’t the only organization that is often tough terrain and operating in non-permissive environments. 

The use of military-grade computers has been noticed in gas and coal industries, the construction industry, remote mining site operations, and a number of other industries. Wherever there is a need for computing power that can withstand hostile environments, military-grade computers will get the job done. 

Where to Find Military-Grade Computers? 

While you can’t exactly walk into a store and buy a military-grade computer, they are available through specialized manufacturers. You should put together a list of requirements that any potential computers you buy need to meet. With that list in hand, start looking for companies that have a proven track record in this industry. 

A good way to narrow down your choices is to look for companies that have secured government contracts. Militaries around the world are in constant need of new tech, so finding such vendors shouldn’t be an issue. 

An Integral Part of Modern Doctrine 

Most modern military doctrines include digital technologies as well as cybersecurity. As technology keeps evolving, military-grade computers will become more prolific on and off the battlefield. 

Future conflicts will have a massive digital footprint as belligerents shift a significant amount of their efforts to the cyber battlefields. Other industries only stand to gain from such technological developments as military-grade hardware becomes more and more standardized across the board. 

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