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Duplication or sourcing of the information from different platforms is an unethical act that most people. However, the consequences of using the source information in your content might be dangerous for you. If you’re worried about how to check the authenticity of the content, then you’re at the right place. You need not worry, and we are going to help you to avoid this illegal activity.

The duplication of any type of data is considered a highly intolerable activity that has severe consequences. Avoiding the plagiarism of the content is the practice that every well-reputed company tries to avoid and always works hard to maintain their company’s reputation in the market. It might be a difficult task when we check the plagiarism of the content you use manually. 

However, the plagiarism detector tools make the check duplicated content.

Duplication of the Content:

The duplication or sourcing of the content is referred to as a particular portion of similar text data on multiple websites. Duplicate content is said to be a problem for search engine optimization, and this is because the search engines avoid those websites that have similar content on their web pages. 

However, if you’re a student or running a well-reputed business, you need to use the original data in your content to avoid copyright issues. For ease, you can simply use the plagiarism detector that scans your content, whether it is unique or stolen from any online platform.

Best Duplication Checker Tools

Here we enlist the best tools that allow you to make a plagiarism check.


This plagiarism checker is available as a free and paid tool, which allows you to make a plagiarism check to check your research papers, blogs, assignments, and website content. The free version comes with the limit of scanning 800 words per search for the content, and the paid version allows you to scan up to 30k words. The feature of multiple user logins and detailed search reports makes it different from others. You can easily make a plagiarism check with this tool to figure out the plagiarized section of the content.

  • Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a freemium plagiarism checker which offers 1000 words with unlimited queries without any registration. Its premium users can get up to 25,000 words in a single search. To provide accurate results, this tool uses a Deep Search algorithm to compare your inserted text with numerous online resources. The most amazing feature is that it compares your content with social media posts, blog posts, and different other publications.

  • Grammarly:

Grammarly is a popular plagiarism detector tool because of its amazing features. If you are a blogger or a student, this tool helps to get all the copied portions of your content. You can find the copyright infringement rate for your content with the Grammarly duplication checker website. It’s not just a plagiarism tracking tool, but it can be used for multiple purposes, such as to figure out spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. It compares the data with over 16 billion web pages and ProQuest databases.

  • Quetext:

Quetext is a popular plagiarism detector and assistance that allows you to check the plagiarism of your research pages, assignments, documents, etc. this tool is free to use, and you can easily perform the plagiarism check and get instant results. It allows users to search the content deeply to get the contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional content score. It highlights the content that is sourced from different online sources.

  • ProwritingAid:

It’s an online plagiarism tool that is used to check the copyright infringement of your content. It helps to search the copied content of manuscripts, novels, literary work, etc. The ProwritingAid tool allows you to find grammatical mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence technology to trace grammatical errors & plagiarism. This plagiarism detector tool searches content deeply to give the best results about the duplication of your data.

  • Plagium:

Plagium is an easy-to-use plagiarism detector tool that searches the content in text & URLs. The tool checks the plagiarism of the content into snippets and compares that content with multiple online sources. The Plagium tool claims that this method of checking the content provides the user a clear and less noisy search result for the content. The tool identifies the source URL for the content that is plagiarized effectively.

  • Turnitin:

Turnitin is a great tool that checks the duplication of data and checks the spelling and grammar mistakes of the content. It displays similar content on the right side of the tool, and so you can remove and modify the duplicated content of your documents. The easy-to-use interface of this plagiarism detector tool allows you to navigate easily.

The Importance of Plagiarism Checking Your Content:

Well, plagiarism is known as wrongful appropriation, or you can say that stealing the content without the owner’s permission and publishing it on your website or anywhere. You can say that it is academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. On the other hand, using someone else’s content in your way has dangerous results. So, this is why checking the plagiarism of the content before using it publicly is important. Simply, you can consider the plagiarism detector tool to check the duplication of someone else’s data.


Now, we know that using the data of someone else in your work is a crime, and it will affect your reputation as well. So, always make sure that the content you’re using is original & unique from all aspects. There are so many plagiarism detectors tools that you can use but choosing from various options is not so easy. You can look up the tools mentioned above to detect the content stolen from different platforms.

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