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Dubai Visa Tracking to check your visa status on the UAE government website




Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that has been attracting more and more travelers every year. From its beautiful beaches to an array of activities like shopping or sightseeing with friends on top of your list? You’ll be hard-pressed not to find what you want here! The Burj Khalifa – which stands at over 830 meters tall making it taller than any other building worldwide—and Dubai mall in Downtown Dubai offers some great places for fun while visiting this bustling metropolis.


This article explains the importance of Dubai Visa Tracking for First-time visitors to be familiar with the process. The most common question everyone asks for how to track the Dubai visa application on the government site.


Dubai Visa Tracking


The UAE government has established the online evisa UAE visa application access which is no longer hard to track the visa Application whether applied in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. However, one should have the basic information to be able to track the visa application online.


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Abu Dhabi Visa Application Tracking Website


To access the Visa Application portal simply click on the website here.


The information you need to access your Visa Application:


Your Visa application Number that you will only receive from your travel agent or the company who applied for your UAE Visa. Without the application number, the system cannot retrieve the visa application.


Dubai Visa Application Tracking Website


On the contrary, Dubai Government has a different system and follows a different application tracking system.


To track the Visa Application for Dubai, click the below website link.


You can track the application thru Nationality or Visa Application Number.


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Is Tracking UAE Visa Application Important?


There are a few reasons why tracking your Dubai visa is important.


  1. If your evisa takes longer, you’ll be able to cancel it and apply for a new one.


  1. Ifyour visa expires, you’ll be able to renew it. And sometimes it is possible that unrecognized agencies do not apply UAE Visa who may have been unlawfully operating and may not even apply for your visa. They may give fake promises of visa being applied. In such a situation, you can get to know about the actual status of your visa application whether it exists or not.


  1. If you want to change the type of visa you have, you’ll need to track your current visa so that you can update your records. Tracking your Dubai visa will also allow you to keep track of your travel history and make sure that you’re compliant with Dubai’s entry requirements. Whether you’re a tourist, a transit passenger, or a business traveler, tracking your Dubai visa will help you stay organized and make the most of your time in Dubai.


  1. By tracking your application, you will have the actual status update from the government of UAE and you may wait for approval if the visa shows Under Process.
    Whereas if further documents are required, it will update the same online. You can reach out to the agent if they do not quickly take an action about your visa application.


By taking these steps for your UAE Visa Status thru UAE official government’s tracking system you can expedite the visa process and be satisfied with the process when you find the active visa application status.


Also,find below the UAE Visa Application requirement.

To Apply for Dubai Visa and for a successful Approved visa, the following documents are required.


  • Clear Passport Copy (High-Resolution copy in color)
  • Latest Passport size photo in white background (2×2 size)
  • Some nationalities need to provide National ID Card Copies and bank statements
  • Hotel Booking to support the Visit purpose.
  • Air Ticket booking Only


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Hope you found the above article helpful.


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