Dual Asset—the Nascent Feature Disrupting the DeFi Ecosystem

YouHodler, a revolutionary crypto platform aimed at unlocking all the benefits of crypto for users in the most straightforward manner, has launched a disruptive feature, Dual Asset. It bridges the gap between conventional fintech companies and the billion-dollar DeFi space. While dual currency investment is a decade-long concept, YouHodler takes things to a new level with Dual Assets. 

Ordinarily, double currency investments involve two fiat currencies. However, YouHodler’s novel offering focuses only on digital assets and stablecoins. 

The Dual Asset Offering 

According to the team, Dual Asset is a product of high APR generation tactics and decentralized finance with a level of simplicity found only in unorthodox Fintech companies. Ideally, Dual Asset is a simplified digital token wealth generation product for everyone. 

In contrast to existing DeFi platforms, the recently launched facet is disruptive. It dispels the need to create wallet accounts, pay for cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges, stake separate token pairs, save funds in a private vault, etc. Unlike the other platforms, Dual Asset is not at risk of smart contract attacks and associated liquidity risks. 

It is a safe crypto wealth generation product. 

Dual Asset vs. Other HODLing Methods 

While Dual Asset promotes holding tokens over time, it offers more benefits than traditional holding alternatives. 

YouHodler’s nascent product allows users to put their crypto hodlings to work. When you store your tokens in several wallets, you receive zero returns besides the regular profit from a price increase. But with Dual Asset, you earn both ways—from the crypto’s price increase and more yields, over 365% in APR. 

The crypto space is highly volatile; you only make profits in the bull season, which is a long-range shot at the moment. However, with Dual Asset, users receive yield at all times, irrespective of the season. And this puts Dual Asset miles ahead of other traditional holding systems. The only downside is that you will get less profit if the price of your asset makes a giant leap during your Dual Asset phase. 

That’s not all; Dual Asset introduces a level of simplicity unseen in the crypto space. As a product of DeFi and traditional financial technology companies, Dual Asset boasts a simple and convenient platform for anyone to use. Unlike other holding alternatives where you have a MetaMask wallet address, copy recovery phrases, connect to the platform, and do other mundane tasks, YouHodler’s launched product simply requires you to send some cryptocurrencies to the account to get started. 

Yes, that’s all. No long start-up process is required. 

Dual Asset thrives on security and accessibility, two core components of cryptocurrencies. It guarantees top-notch security, unlike any other token-holding protocol in the crypto space. 

Benefits of YouHodler’s Dual Asset Feature 

Besides offering percentage yields regardless of crypto price movements, YouHodler’s Dual Asset allows you to build a sustainable stablecoin portfolio. Additionally, with Dual Asset, you enjoy gains from a two-sided position. Why limit yourself to one asset when you can gain from two with YouHodler’s novel feature? 

Dual Asset goes beyond a crypto holding system; you get to put your tokens to work, earning huge yields in the process. 

How to Get Started on Dual Asset 

  • Choose an asset pair from the list. Per the team, all major cryptocurrencies are available. 
  • You must choose an input coin—it could be a stablecoin or a cryptocurrency. 
  • You must pick a staking package. Dual Asset offers 12 hours to seven days deals. 
  • Start earning profits. On Dual Asset, your yield will depend entirely on the target and settlement prices. If the former is above, you will receive rewards in stablecoins. However, if the latter is below, you get your rewards in cryptocurrencies. 


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