DTX Exchange Stands Out With 1000x Leverage Feature, Attracting Aptos and ATOM Whales

Cosmos and Aptos investors primarily seek technological innovation and ecosystem synergies as both projects are solving crucial problems in their respective deFi areas. With their promising market performance this week, investors have gained significant profits and are now looking to diversify portfolios with other high-potential deFi tokens.

Let’s explore why investors are turning to DTX Exchange but first, let’s examine what led ATOM and APT investors to secure unprecedented profits.

Aptos Crosses 115.4 million transactions Beating Solana

Aptos is driving the holder community crazy with a range of key developments on the network. After launching TaposCat, a tap-to-earn game, the network broke past limits by processing a massive 115.4 million transactions in a single day. This upsurge eclipsed Solana and Sui’s transactional activity.

Moreover, Aptos’s upcoming 11.31 million APT token unlock in June and integration of RWA into blockchain with Mountain Protocol to bridge the existing USDM liquidity has also led APT price to surge 3% on the weekly chart. This massive surge in the Aptos network activity is a testimonial to its solid infrastructure and proof-of-stake blockchain L1 technology.

ATOM Price Declines Despite Key Collaborations

Cosmos has gained significant traction after its announcement to collaborate with Ripple Labs and Evmos to build an XRP Ledger EVM sidechain through Cosmos SDK, IBC, and CometBFT. With its robust blockchain ecosystem, Cosmos boasts the fastest-growing communities of developers around the globe, contributing to the developing deFi world.

As the broader market continues to witness capital inflows, ATOM price is hiking along with a surge in trading volume and developmental activities. The matter of concern for ATOM is the declining number of active wallets and transactions. ATOM price is witnessing a 3.7% decline on the weekly chart, leading investors to explore other portfolio add-ons as well.

DTX Exchange L1 Platform Captures Attention With 1000x Leverage 

DTX Exchange (DTX) has quickly grabbed the spotlight amid its ground-breaking presale. The hybrid tradFi platform of DTX leverages blockchain L1 technology, beating legacy projects with a robust, gas-free, and lightning-fast trading experience for traders in all sorts of financial sectors including forex, cryptos, equities, and stocks.

The platform’s primary traction lies in its ground-breaking 1000x leverage feature, empowering traders to gain higher positions for maximum profits. DTX Exchange offers access to 120k digital assets with a streamlined onboarding process through a KYC-free approach. Holders can enjoy access to mega giveaways and governance rights.

The main catch for investors is DTX Exchange’s automated trading strategies, which can streamline the trading process in a highly volatile market. The project has raised a ground-breaking $575k in stage 2 of the public presale and is priced at $0.04. DTX token is expected to surge to $2, promising 100x returns once it launches on the mainnet.


Cosmos and APT investors eye the technological advancements of DTX Exchange, aiming to transform the traditional ways of trading. With its robust blockchain technology, DTX Exchange commits to user security and individual ownership through non-custodial wallets and multi-tier accounts. Taking early positions in the DTX presale can be the best decision before the expected summer altcoin rally.

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