Drone Technology Commercial Uses and Applications for 2022

Drones are called a number of things including pilotless aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. So many people use drones for photography, videography, and so much more.

The number of drones that have been purchased over the last 5 years has been immense. Predictions note that from 2017 to 2023 drone purchases will increase tenfold.

Over the last couple of years, drones have become vital to a number of businesses and government organizations. The advance in technology came at the right time when specific niches of business simply were not keeping up with the times. Drones can ensure everything from deliveries that are not delayed by traffic or scanning the landscape of a hard-to-reach area for a commercial construction project.

Drones have also been shown to increase efficiency and productivity. Reducing the workload can be important but the truth is that it can also increase safety for many businesses. Even customer service improves in the cases of drones doing deliveries as they are not subject to traffic like traditional deliveries are. Security can also be improved by getting an aerial view of a specific area.

With drones, minimal manpower is needed to reach remote areas, which is convenient for challenging terrain and overgrown areas. The four sectors that are adopting this technology the most are military, construction, security, and data collection.

Today’s Applications For Drones

Drone technology first became prominent for military applications. Commercial uses for drones include:

  • Photography for film and journalism from an aerial view.
  • Shipping and delivery.
  • Gathering accurate geographical data using LiDAR.
  • Thermal sensor drones that assist search and rescue teams.
  • Geographic mapping of areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Safety inspections for buildings and assets.
  • Solar farm inspections.
  • Law enforcement assistance especially in terms of border patrol.

How The Military Utilizes Drones

Drones are used for combat missions, research, and even as decoys. Supervision of enemy forces is also a prevalent use for drones. Military drones are predicted to bring in around 24 billion dollars by the year 2027. This is a safe estimate so it could be far higher depending on how militaries implement the technology.

Commercial Growth

Commercial usage of drones will continue to grow with various industries adopting this technology. The drone services market is predicted to grow 15 times by 2025. Farmers have started using drones in order to fertilize crops in an automated way. Commercial drones need to be piloted by a licensed professional unlike personal drones. The job creation of drone services companies will create around 100,000 jobs in the next few years.

Drones will become even more prevalent in the future so make sure you keep an eye out. Learning how to masterfully fly a drone can even land you a job in a flourishing industry

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